At HARMAN, design is a way of life. Along with its in-house design team, Huemen, HARMAN has spent the past decade creating ergonomic, intuitive, beautifully designed products across its brands, including JBL, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, and Infinity.

HARMAN and Huemen continue to deliver design that's a cut above the rest, claiming the distinction of the most lauded audio brands in the world. The industry widely recognizes HARMAN's design prowess, bestowing hundreds of awards from the world's most prestigious design competitions. Since the beginning of the year, HARMAN has taken home an impressive 39 Red Dot Design Awards and 44 iF Design Awards. With these new additions, HARMAN and its brands have smashed the threshold of 500 design and technology awards, reaching 547 awards for 396 different products across multiple categories, including consumer audio, professional audio, and car audio, in nine short years.  

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"Five hundred separate awards in less than ten years is a truly remarkable performance," said Christian Schluender, Senior Vice President of Global Design. "I cannot say enough about the caliber of talent and imagination that our engineers and designers at HARMAN and  Huemen demonstrate year after year. These men and women, and the results they have achieved, speak volumes about who we are and what we stand for. They are all an enormous credit to our company and an inspiring example for the entire industry."

One of the world's largest and most prestigious design competitions, the Red Dot Design Award recognizes and promotes excellence in product design, brands & communication design, and design concept. Expert juries gather to choose the winners based on functional and aesthetic criteria such as innovation, quality, longevity, and ergonomics every year. Today, the Red Dot Label is among the world's most sought-after testaments of good design.

Another highly esteemed label of outstanding design, the iF Design Award, has been organized in Germany since 1953. This year, an independent jury of 132 high-profile design experts met to determine the winners based on a set of objective screening standards intended to discern submissions with the most outstanding innovative power. HARMAN's brands have been recognized in the past by both Red Dot and iF, and each and every new award is a great honor and source of pride.


In 2022 alone, HARMAN's brands received 92 awards from various competitions. Of the 39 Red Dot 2022 awards and 44 iF 2022 awards, the winners include products by JBL, Harman Kardon, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, and Infinity in eight different categories across Consumer Audio, Professional Audio, and Car Audio. The Red Dot and iF award winners include:

Portable Audio: JBL lit up the Portable category this year, receiving awards for a wide range of products, including the Flip 6, Boombox 3, Charge 5, Pulse 5, PartyBox 110, PartyBox 710, PartyBox Encore, and PartyBox Encore Essential.

Home Audio: Harman Kardon was recognized for the Radiance 2400, Citation Multibeam 1100, and SUB 525, while JBL received awards for the BAR 300, BAR 1300, and COL Series speaker.

Headphones: the JBL WAVE 100 TWS took home an iF award, while the JBL WAVE 300 TWS, Endurance PEAK 3, LIVE PRO 2 TWS, TUNE 230 NC, Reflect Aero Active, and others took home Red Dot awards.

UI/UX: JBL and Harman Kardon won multiple awards in this division, including the JBL Portables app, JBL Partybox app, and JBL Headphone app, as well as the HK Radiance 2400 product experience and the HK Aura Studio 3 product experience.

Car & Marine Audio Aftermarket: Harman Kardon, JBL, and Infinity all received multiple awards, including the HK Marine speakers, HK Flow Component speakers, JBL Stadium Subwoofers, JBL Arena X Subwoofers, JBL Arena 26Be, and Infinity Alpha Amplifier.

Car Audio: Car Audio was another big award winner at iF and Red Dot, with awards for multiple brands and products such as the Bang & Olufsen for Genesis GV60Genesis JW, Harman Kardon for Renault Mégane E-Tech, Harman Kardon for VW Arteon, ID.4 and ID.6, and Bowers & Wilkins for McLaren Artura.

Professional Solutions: the Pro division was heavily awarded by both iF and Red Dot, with JBL taking home awards for the PRX ONE speaker, SLP Series speaker, EON ONE MK2 speaker, Landscape GFS series, Landscape GSB series, and COL commodity-level speaker, among others.

IoT: the InfinityLab ClearCall won recognition in the IoT category, taking home both an iF award and a Red Dot award.