The Cadillac Escalade is back. As the flagship vehicle of the Cadillac brand, the Escalade is renowned for its luxury and sophistication. Such an iconic car calls for a premium audio system that makes an unmistakable statement – and that’s where AKG comes in. Take it from Motor Trend, which described the AKG Studio Reference sound system in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade as one of “the best car audio systems on the market, period.”


First revealed on February 4 in Los Angeles, the all-new 2021 Escalade features an exclusive audio system from AKG – marking the first time that AKG studio sound has been brought to life in a vehicle. Additional acoustic advances, including directional navigational prompts, customizable passenger seat volume control, and conversation enhancement further elevate the Escalade’s in-car experience to new heights. Superior audio experiences are ensured no matter where you are in the spacious Escalade: in fact, Car & Driver praises the AKG system as sounding “amazing from every seat.”

AKG has deep roots in the music industry – legendary musicians, including Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, Missy Elliott and Aerosmith, have trusted AKG’s professional grade microphones and headphones for recording studios and performance venues. And in 2010, AKG was recognized by the Recording Academy for its groundbreaking and influential contributions to the audio recording field with a Technical GRAMMY Award. Such a rich heritage in music has led to the creation of a premium in-vehicle sound system which makes “everything from jazz to pop to indie rock to classical sound deep and rich,” according to Automobile Magazine.

To bring the storied legacy of AKG to the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, AKG’s car audio engineers knew it was essential to capture the magic of the recording studio – the clarity and emotion of music at the moment of creation. With a focus on supreme craftsmanship, countless hours were devoted to designing, installing, tuning and benchmarking to deliver professional aural perfection across two levels of AKG audio for the 2021 Cadillac Escalade:

Cadillac Escalade Headrest speakers

AKG Studio

The standard 19-speaker AKG Studio sound system features strategically placed speakers and is custom-tuned to the interiors of the Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sports trims for optimal sound quality. Powered by 14 amplifier channels and featuring a large enclosed subwoofer, drivers are enveloped in rich surround sound, ensuring an aural immersion with unmatched clarity in every seat.

AKG Studio Reference

The 36-speaker AKG Studio Reference sound system offers additional mounted speakers for immersive, 360-degree sound throughout the cabin. While a conventional in-vehicle listening experience replicates the sound and imaging of a 2-channel speaker set-up, the AKG Studio Reference system is powered by 28 amplifier channels, placing vehicle occupants in the center of an intimate, 360-degree sound experience.

The AKG Studio Reference system comes standard on the Premium Luxury Platinum and Sport Platinum trims, and is also available on the Premium Luxury and Sport trims.

Cadillac Escalade AKG

Critical to both AKG Studio and AKG Studio Reference sound systems is the application of AKG’s proprietary Acoustic Lens technology within the front of the Escalade’s IP speakers. Acoustic Lens technology directs the sound smoothly toward the listener, while reducing the amount of sound reflected off of the windshield; in turn, increasing sound quality and delivering the most accurate and natural listening experience possible.

AKG technology further enables additional advanced features in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, including:

  • Conversation Enhancement: Designed to reduce distracted driving and stress levels by enabling enhanced vehicle communication for front and rear seat passengers, as their voices are captured by embedded microphones.
  • Navigation Rendering: Turn-by-turn navigation instructions are more intuitive than ever with audio prompts coming exclusively from the audio system’s left- or right-hand speakers. Navigation prompts will sound farther away the further you are from the turn, and become audibly closer as you approach the turn.
  • Front Passenger Volume Control: With the AKG Studio Reference system, front-seat passengers can take charge of their ideal audio experience, with dedicated volume control for each seat.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, groundbreaking innovation and creativity, the exclusive partnership between Cadillac and AKG is rewriting the rulebook on in-vehicle listening experiences with passionate, pure and professional studio sound.