MSC Cruise 2

Today’s virtual personal assistants are conversational, voice-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) backed innovations that can communicate, learn, and intelligently predict an individual’s needs to offer truly personalized experiences. Earlier this year, HARMAN and MSC Cruises introduced a groundbreaking virtual personal assistant as part of the cruise line’s digital innovation program. By offering guests quick and easy answers about cruise events and entertainment from the comfort of their own cabin, the digital assistant can help simplify and enhance passengers’ cruise experience. However, this new, progressive service is a mere drop in the ocean when it comes to the infinite number of ways that AI stands to revolutionize the hospitality industry.

The hospitality and travel industry is no stranger to technological transformations, and it is on the cusp of a new revolution with the introduction of digital assistants and voice-enabled technology. Beyond the potential to streamline reservations and elevate customer service, AI and machine learning can improve every facet of your trip, from destination discovery to booking excursions and sight-seeing tours. Advanced predictive analytics and the ability to quickly sort through data ensures that future travelers receive information that is most applicable to them.

For example, a digital assistant can use information about a user’s dining preferences to suggest local restaurants, or suggest popular attractions based off previous destinations visited. Like the MSC Cruise digital assistant, AI technology can dramatically improve the on-site experience for travelers and guarantee that their stay exceeds expectations. Hotels can elevate their service using AI by installing a digital assistant in guest rooms, so whether a guest wants to order amenities, room service, or just get the WiFi password, the digital assistant can act as a virtual butler, 24/7.

Through our strategic partnerships with companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, HARMAN has already helped introduce voice-enabled tech digital assistants into customers’ lives at home and on-the-go. Our JBL LINK series combines JBL’s signature sound with Google’s Voice Assistant technology in a variety of speaker models to provide an outstanding entertainment experience through hands-free voice commands. The JBL Everest series of headphones with the Google Assistant provides the same experience and allows listeners to control their music and receive mobile notifications using voice thanks to Bluetooth technology.

The Harman Kardon Allure with Amazon Alexa and the Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana from Microsoft utilize sophisticated voice and microphone technology, making them ideal devices for any home, hotel, or office. As a leader with a wealth of knowledge in connected technologies, HARMAN is proud to establish ourselves as the frontrunner in facilitating AI opportunities for the hospitality and travel industry.

AI provides a myriad of opportunities for cruise, resort, and recreation industry stakeholders. By embracing this technology now, companies can establish a distinct competitive advantage over rivals that aren’t harnessing its potential. As our world continues to become more connected, HARMAN looks forward to extending our AI-enabled connected solutions to diverse audiences, in the travel industry and beyond, and deliver remarkable experiences on the road, at home and everywhere in between.