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Unveiled in June, the 2020 Ford Puma is an SUV-inspired compact crossover combining innovative engineering with elegant design to offer a place of retreat from everyday stress. The Ford Puma - a another milestone in a long line of innovative Ford vehicles - is equipped with a B&O Sound System specifically tailored to provide signature sound for rich and engaging driving experiences, bringing the transformative power of music to drivers and passengers everywhere.

In November, the Ford Design Workshop welcomed approximately 50 journalists and influencers from around the world to Cologne, Germany, where the recently launched Ford Puma and Ford Kuga were presented. Guests got a special look behind the scenes of the Ford Europe design center, discovered an array of innovative human-centric car design technologies, and caught a glimpse of future trends in rotating presentations in four different demonstration zones.

Among the demonstrations was an interior and exterior design walk-around of the new Ford Puma and Ford Kuga, which showcased the design philosophy and evolution of both cars. This included their respective features, technologies, and personalization options, such as zipper seats with individual design elements stitched on them, multi-contour seats, 3D knitted seats, and more.

Source: Ford

Guests also enjoyed a unique presentation by HARMAN “Golden Ear” Stefan Varga. Demonstrating the precision and power of the B&O Sound System, the “Car Orchestra” is a sound installation in which two Ford Pumas and a Ford Kuga perform selected songs with their doors open, incorporating different instrument positions as well as different sound image perceptions. Stefan highlighted the characteristics of the B&O Sound System such as the customized tuning, the heightened position of the tweeters in the A-pillars, and its new type of subwoofer, all of which work together to envelop listeners in sublime sound, making them feel as though they have been transported to the center of a live venue. Following the session, guests were invited to play the role of conductor, interacting with the Car Orchestra with the help of a tablet device.

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Source: Ford

“Reproducing the signature B&O sound experience in a car is a challenging task. That’s why HARMAN and Ford worked closely together, making sure that the sound system integrates perfectly, that it doesn’t fatigue the listeners, and that the sound system performs optimally under different driving conditions. Always with the aim to send you on a delightful and emotional music journey while driving your new Puma and Kuga,’ said Stefan Varga, Senior Acoustic Systems Engineer at HARMAN.

Experience human-centric design combined with spectacular B&O sound performance in the new Ford Puma, available in Europe from December 2019.