For the world’s largest consumer electronics show, our motto is go big or go home. Each year at CES we have a number of flashy, fully realized demos on the floor at our HARMAN Showcase to fully bring our latest technologies to life. At CES 2017, we revealed Summit NEXT – the next generation of HARMAN’s user-experience driven in-car smart audio platform. In order for visitors to fully experience the transformative capabilities of the platform, we invited them to hop inside a Summit NEXT-equipped Genesis G90 that provided an incredibly rich audio and visual experience including:

  • Ambisonics Escape – A 360-degree acoustic sanctuary that recreates natural environments such as a tropical beach or night under the Redwoods.
  • Dynamic Sound Stage (DSS) – An active audio experience in which the soundstage transforms to match the road, responding to curves, tunnels, even acceleration and deceleration.
  • In-Car Conferencing – A futuristic conferencing experience to give that gives the sensation of being in a real meeting room from the comfort and privacy of the vehicle cabin.
  • In-Car Theatre – Leverages HARMAN’s QuantumLogic Immersion to bring passengers closer to a real cinema experience than ever before.

The demo was a huge hit, which is a testament to the level of creativity and technical acumen – not to mention the man hours --  that went into the advanced audio tuning and immersive video projected onto the demo car’s windows. For a “behind the scenes” look into the lengths we at HARMAN go to in creating this one-of-a-kind demo experience, check out the short video below.

The video features Chris Trestain, the senior engineer with HARMAN’s EPIC Experience team who was a key player in designing and creating this demo. The project was lead by Mathias Brand, the senior director of marketing in Europe who also oversaw the overall development of our CES experience this year. Mathias conceptualized the demo and acted as producer on the project, making sure it came to life in the most engaging way possible. 

It was a very ambitious project and we're still surprised that we successfully pulled it off. Our team's committment to innovation extends far beyond the product itself, and its important tor us to ensure that even demos are groundbreaking and high-impact.

Congratulations to the EPIC Experience team on the making of Summit Next CES Experience!