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How to Vote

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HARMAN Sessions

Rashmi Rao: Designing Future Cars for the Passenger Economy

Automakers’ brands will live and die based on the unique, branded experiences they deliver inside the car cabin, making the battle for a piece of the passenger economy pie even more heated. The design of human machine interface (HMI) systems is critical to the development of these branded experiences, with an intuitive display of data at the heart of the solution. This enables more seamless, natural interaction between the driver and vehicle, and provides chauffeur-like technology.

John Absmeier: Autonomous Cars Take an Ecosystem

From Volvo/Uber and Fiat Chrysler/Google to GM/Lyft, players in the autonomous driving race are striking partnerships to seize a piece of the market, keep pace with innovation and scale. However, partnering is not enough. Without a common platform for technology innovation to thrive, these powerhouses will remain islands and therefore stifle consumer adoption. While the vehicle itself will be standardized, the industry requires solutions and systems that can speak to each other.

Chris Ludwig: The future of car design in an autonomous world

2018 will see an increased focus on the passenger experience. Demand for new levels of entertainment, comfort and convenience will dictate vehicle design. We are now approaching a time when car design and technology can deliver multiple experiences to every passenger location in the car. Also, with the shared economy poised to grow 5x by 2025 the chance for car manufactures to find new ways to personalize each driving experience for the vehicle owner and each new passenger is rising.

Bill Wyman: Reimagining the “Smart” Lifestyle

As connected devices continue to transform every area of our lives, we’re seeing the modern lifestyle centralizing around “smart,” personalized health and wellness. From enjoying retail therapy to staying fit and healthy with connected products and devices, the notion of lifestyle is being completely reimagined. This panel will explore how introducing more sophisticated innovations to simple, overlooked objects will directly impact our future and what it will look like.

Panel with:

  • Paul Dawson, Global Product Development Director, Dyson

  • Greg Hu, Group Product Manager, Nest Platform, Nest Apps, and Works With Nest, Nest

  • Amy Farley, Senior Editor, Fast Company

Mohan Krishnaraj: Conversation-As-A-Service

From punch cards to keyboards to graphical user interfaces to voice-enabled devices, the evolution of computing is now ushering into a conversational era. 

Every conversation is a function, every function is a bot, every bot in backend is a micro-service. The session aims at setting up a profit formula to engineer digital platforms that are COGNITIVE, CONTEXTUAL and CONVERSATIONAL to enable a truly conversational social enterprise. 


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