At HARMAN, we are constantly working on ’smart’ innovations aimed to simplify the lives of our customers across a wide range of locations, such as retail stores, malls, amusement parks and airports. The hectic airport experience we know all too well is about to get a lot easier. With increasing use of next-generation technologies in airports, people will observe savings in time and money, and airports will be able to reduce expenses resulting from routine inefficiencies. Partnering with Microsoft, HARMAN is now able to envision futuristic smart airports and make them a reality.

Recently, at Microsoft’s Inspire 2017, HARMAN demonstrated an IoT-enabled solution for airports that utilizes asset tracking and predictive maintenance capabilities to create operational efficiencies and satisfy passengers’ needs, all the while managing security-related risks. With the help of Samsung’s secure sensors, this HARMAN solution sends data to a Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. After the data has been assimilated by HARMAN’s predictive analytics solutions, any data that is relevant is sent to an employee’s Samsung wearable or mobile phone device.

The sensors and wearable smart devices will be hooked up to a single platform to connect all airport employees at all times. HARMAN’S predictive analytics platform will help airport staff make decisions and communicate data to identify and resolve issues. Our predictive technology will even help predict potential issues to allow workers to find solutions even before the problem becomes real.

So how does this work? Better adoption of such advanced IoT technologies at airports will make problems like a gate change, mismanaged baggage or a maintenance issue disappear. For example, if there is a sudden gate change, this IoT-enabled solution will be able to assist airport officials in making the change promptly by informing workers through various devices in real-time, speeding up the slow and tedious processes usually involved in such situations.

Developing smart facilities, like airports, is a part of HARMAN’s plan to make lives simpler for our customers and there’s a lot more to come.

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Also, here is the release from Samsung at Microsoft Inspire 2017 where this HARMAN solution was discussed.