HARMAN’s audio brands are in some of the most iconic automobiles ever. Today we are proud to announce that Bang & Olufsen is now working with Bentley Motors to provide an audio system for the new Bentley Continental GT.

Founded in 1919, Bentley Motors crafts definitive luxury automobiles and some of the world’s most sought-after grand tourers. Bang & Olufsen’s new audio system for Bentley will provide the soundscapes for the journeys of drivers and passengers as they discover new horizons.

The visceral BeoSonic one touch experience makes its way into car audio for the very first time in the Bentley Continental GT. Fans of Bang & Olufsen’s home audio systems have long appreciated their intuitive interfaces, making living space audio simple to manage. The one touch experience brings that control to the roads.

Four distinct sound spaces – bright, energetic, warm and relaxed – are a touch away, BeoSonic sets just the right mood for meaningful moments behind the wheel. Surround intensity can be adjusted as well with pinching gesture, directly within BeoSonic space. Additional settings can optimize the whole system for only front or only rear seats, as well as for all seats.


Bang & Olufsen has designed its systems for seamless integration into the elegant interior of the Bentley Continental GT. Only the most exclusive materials belong in a Bentley – Bang & Olufsen’s speaker design with specially manufactured aluminum elements is truly special and creates unique and immersive moments within the car. The stunning looks and illumination of the speaker grills make it the perfect choice for design lovers that appreciate excellent sound.

From the outset of Bang & Olufsen’s collaboration with Bentley, it was clear to both brands that the bar was very high indeed. As work began on the exclusive audio system, they quickly found they shared many common values. Michael Mauser, Executive Vice President and President of the Lifestyle Audio division at HARMAN, points out: “The Bentley and Bang & Olufsen brands share the same values on design – with a commitment to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, powerful performance and luxury materials. Both brands strive for perfection. So the collaboration is proving to be a great fit.”

The goal of every Bang & Olufsen sound system is to re-create as closely as possible the experience of hearing a recording as the artist intended it – in all its beauty and detail. Bang & Olufsen and Bentley’s collaboration has come to fruition in a stunning audio system that fulfills this goal in every way: a powerful 1,500-watt BeoCore DSP Class-D Amplifier, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 16 active speakers for strong, authentic sound. 

Deliveries of the latest generation of the Bentley Continental GT are due to begin in the second quarter of 2018, with its first public reveal on 12 September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Definitive vehicle specs are still under wraps –  but what’s certain is the automobile will stay true to the tradition of founder Walter Owen Bentley: “The policy was a simple one. We were going to make a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.” Bang & Olufsen is now set to play a role in the next chapter of the Bentley Motors story.