Careers in technology are among the fastest-growing professional occupations in the U.S., with a projected growth rate of more than nine million jobs between 2012 and 2020. As an organization that focuses on nurturing a culture that inspires breakthrough performances, HARMAN places a strong emphasis on continuously educating our employees as well as the next generation through robust internship programs across our different businesses and geographies.

From January to June 2017, HARMAN’s Korea office on-boarded a total of 24 students, who were identified as our “HARMAN League Reporters.” These HARMAN League Reporters were then separated into four different teams, which consisted of three “reporter teams” and one “movie/video team.” Each reporter team was matched with one of HARMAN’s Lifestyle Audio brands and had the opportunity to serve as a reporter and plan interviews with six different professionals.

  • Team JBL interviewed a patisserie and DJ Vandal Rock

  • Team Harman Kardon examined a modern dancer and a watch master

  • Team AKG met with an Actor and HiHills Band

After all three reporter teams completed interviews with their assigned professionals, the movie/video team captured and produced compelling images and video clips to support the interview content. Once the interviews and accompanying videos/images were completed, HARMAN shared them with our audiences on HARMAN Korea’s Facebook channel as well as the HARMAN League Reporter blog and Instagram channel.

As a result of sharing the interns’ final products on social media, HARMAN Korea’s Facebook page received a total of 128,719 impressions and our HARMAN League Reporters’ personal social networking channels (including Facebook and Instagram) received 76,345 impressions.

Overall, the program was a success and allowed our marketing and photography students to see that the power of visual storytelling is indispensable. We’re always on the hunt to add creative thinkers to our all-inclusive team. If you’re a student or professional looking to learn, grow and explore opportunities for enhancing your skillset, take a look at our open positions.