For HARMAN, bringing best in class products and solutions to market requires the most innovative structures and processes. Enter Sherlock, our new AI solution designed to filter and evaluate relevant information out of global data and information streams.

Due to the rapid pace of the evolution of connectivity and massive data streams now available, our business environment and the way we work as a company have changed dramatically. With these incredible inputs, artificial intelligence (“AI”) is quickly becoming an increasingly crucial part of all functions to help answer key questions earlier in the development process to develop more effective solutions more efficiently.

In order to better understand all the data, HARMAN developed its own AI solution known as Sherlock, which serves as the first fundamental step in the virtualization of predictive, needs-oriented market analysis, integrating internal and external information sources.

In our Lifestyle Audio division, Sherlock is redefining the innovation management workflow, acting like a virtual colleague that carries out targeted market research, identifies the most valuable information and provides guidance on the prospects of future projects based on that data. It’s replacing the lengthy manual technology scouting process with predictive analytics. Furthermore, because Sherlock’s results are transparent and shared via the intranet, the program enables closer collaboration between all team members and streamlines the development process. Now, when colleagues have an idea, they can assess its possibilities - what else is out there, does it make sense, does it relate to any trends.  Done manually, that could take many people weeks to research and assess. In a world where being first matters, Sherlock gives us incredible speed to work through ideas and also a massive layer of transparency that ties the data to its sources to ensure its validity and avoid misinterpreting it.

Armin Prommersberger, HARMAN SVP, Technology Lifestyle Audio, and his team have contributed greatly to HARMAN through the development of Sherlock. Armin recently introduced Sherlock at this year’s “Product Innovation PLMx” event in Berlin. For more information, the UK-based magazine “Robotics and Automation News” covered Armin and Sherlock in an extensive article.

Learn more about HARMAN's Sherlock on our YouTube Channel here.