As we hold on tight to the last vestiges of summer, we are reminded of all the great destinations where HARMAN has helped create experiences for people seeking fun. Whether they are outdoor spaces such as concerts and music festivals or indoor spaces like movie theatres where Samsung and HARMAN have teamed up to deliver a state-of-the-art immersive cinema experience and a perfect way to beat the summer heat, we thrive on helping our customers create unforgettable memories during the summertime through the power of sound.

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As a global leader with a rich audio legacy, HARMAN Professional Solutions is proud to collaborate with hundreds and thousands of venues across the globe to deliver unforgettable customer experiences, powered by our legendary audio, video, lighting and control systems. From market leading Crown amplifiers to industry favorite JBL Professional speakers, and unrivaled Martin lights, HARMAN is with you on your summer vacation cruise or visit to the water park, stadium, movie theater, shopping mall, and beyond.


It’s crucial for premium entertainment providers and leading technology vendors to team up and provide guests with the ultimate destination experience. Why? Fans at the World Cup and other sporting events want to clearly understand the announcer and enjoy the in-stadium entertainment. Festival-goers at Tomorrowland and Summerfest will want to enjoy their favorite artist no matter how far back they are standing in the crowd. Water park enthusiasts and resort visitors will expect superior sound during their visits, and the list goes on. Guests on cruise lines will want the best theater production value found on Broadway. Fortune 100 companies, government facilities, hotels, stadiums and airports around the world all have one thing in common: they trust HARMAN’s lighting, audio and control solutions to deliver a powerful, engaging experience.

Though summer is coming to an end, HARMAN brands keep going. So the next time you attend a fun-filled event, take a peek at the sound equipment surrounding you, and you may just recognize some equipment after having read this article. From JBL Professional sound and Martin lighting to AMX controllers and Samsung displays, discover what HARMAN’s products can do when deployed seamlessly together in enterprise, consumer and entertainment environments: