At Web Summit 2018, Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn shared with the audience in Lisbon, Portugal his lifelong fascination with galaxies—the adventure, the potential, and the inspiration for what’s possible. Likening the 100 billion stars in the galaxy to the 100 billion neurons in the human brain, he illustrated how data growth is dwarfing these nearly incomprehensible numbers.

Now, we’re seeing a perfect storm for AI and machine learning, driven by more data from many different places and combining it with scalable, inexpensive computing.

If data is the new oil, then AI is the engine shaping our future.

Two examples of areas where AI will have huge impacts are healthcare and autonomous driving. Applying AI to the healthcare will enable faster, more efficient, and less expensive treatments, while advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving will require robust a combination of data, AI, and compute to bring safer, smarter mobility solutions.

With data driving the global economy, it will continue to enable new services and amazing experiences. But the responsible use of this data is paramount.