Competition in the retail space is continuing to intensify. With the internet profoundly changing consumer attitudes and shopping behavior, studies report that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with a brand who recognizes, remembers, and provides personalized offers and recommendations. Fortunately, retailers and marketers now have access to new and improved technologies that can help provide their customers with a differentiated yet personalized shopping experience through real-time data analytics.


As a global leader in solutions for retail environments that integrate audio, video, and lighting and control solutions, HARMAN understands the importance of making the in-store environment an experiential destination. Through Samsung Nexshop, a contextual marketing platform, we’re empowering retailers to deliver intelligent and interactive in-store shopping experiences to end customers. The platform takes the guesswork out of serving customers who walk through the door by providing brands with real-time data-driven insights on visitors.

Reinventing the Car Buying Experience with Automakers

Browsing for a new car doesn’t have to be boring. With Samsung Nexshop, automakers can transform their show floor into a digital shopping experience and ignite the customer experience through data and analytics. How? When a customer enters the showroom, the People Counter feature within the platform activates to track visitor numbers in real time. Potential customers on entering will see a vibrant vehicle appear on a large display to capture the customer’s attention. The screen prompts the customer to register their information through the Customer Identifier platform, allowing sales associates to identify customers and access their content.

When customers approach the large floor display, shoppers can select a car model that appeals to them and play around with different combinations. Better yet – they can save their preferences directly to their pre-registered phone. The interactive display platform not only shows images of cars, but also delivers targeted marketing content through facial analysis. Additionally, the intelligent display integrates external data, such as the weather, to help automakers deliver the most appropriate messages and promotions.

Not too long ago, consumers would have to return to the store later if the vehicle model they wanted to view wasn’t accessible on the automaker’s show floor. Samsung Nexshop, customers can see the car of their choosing through a virtual reality experience that comes equipped with the Nexshop solution. With Nexshop, automotive dealerships can create meaningful and dynamic interactions with their customers in the showroom, enhancing services, creating new revenue streams and building stronger brand and customer loyalty.

Innovating the In-Store Experience

Making the in-store environment an experiential destination is the way that today’s brick-and-mortar retailers are building brand affinity with customers and thriving in a constant and fast-changing retail landscape. Earlier this year, HARMAN announced receiving U.S. retail distribution rights from Samsung SDS for the Samsung Nexshop analytics and contextual marketing platform. When combined with HARMAN Professional’s portfolio of audio, video, lighting and control solutions, Nexshop gives retailers across different sectors the ability to personalize the customer experience and optimize the customer’s path-to-purchase from start to end.

Successful virtual reality marketing activations can be tailored to improve the customer journey – whether on a showroom floor or in a local mall. By collaborating with Samsung on their cutting-edge contextual marketing platform, HARMAN is empowering retailers with actionable insights on their customers, dynamic targeted in-store advertising and more to create memorable, engaging and personalized in-store experiences.