During arguably the most important Black History Month of our lifetimes, HARMAN is working to ensure that Black voices are amplified within our organization and that we’re advancing dialogues among our employees about the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Under the guidance and leadership of HARMAN’s Chief Human Resources Officer John Stacey, we have put together an in-depth and informative program with the theme, “Progression, Education and Celebration: Embracing Our Black Heritage and Culture,” which our employees will have the opportunity to participate in throughout the entire month of February 2021.

"At HARMAN, we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are strong drivers of our culture and are critical to our success,” said John Stacey. “Throughout February, we are proud to commemorate Black History Month by recognizing the contributions of Black Americans.”


Over the past year, we at HARMAN have continued to push conversations that address issues of racial inequality and social injustice in the workplace. Our first move forward into the initiative came with the creation of both the Black Task Force and DE&I Council, in addition to initiating a dedicated internal community for our Black employees and allies. We also launched JBL Campus SoundSessions in partnership with Culture Creators, an organization dedicated to amplifying and celebrating Black culture. This mentorship program for historically Black college and university students gives those selected the chance to learn from leaders across the music industry, from production to marketing. Selected students also receive a $25,000 scholarship to put toward their education. Our employees took those efforts a step further, fostering their own conversations and dialogues about race, and finding ways to empower and elevate Black voices within our organization.

Dr Mungo

At an organizational level this February, we’re providing our employees with new ways to educate themselves and those around them on issues pertinent to Black culture and racial justice. As part of our Black History Month Speaker Series, on Feb. 10, Dr. Monita Mungo of The University of Toledo addressed employees on the topic of seeing color. Dr. Monita H. Mungo is a first-generation college student whose love for humanity and social justice developed during her academic journey. As an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Toledo, she works to unearth and disperse the myriad of ways society marginalizes and commodifies the voices of people of color, and how this treatment is a barrier to achievement.


On Feb. 24, Academy Award-winning actress and screenwriter Kelsey Scott will speak about her unique perspective on her personal and professional endeavors as a woman of color. Scott began her career in the theatre industry in her hometown of Atlanta. Best known for her role as Anne Northup in the Oscar-winning “12 Years A Slave,” as a public speaker, she has shared platforms with such accomplished individuals as Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, the late Maya Angelou, and departed political pioneer Shirley Chisholm.

HARMAN is also encouraging employees to participate in our own 21 Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge, which suggests 21 days of reading materials and actionable changes anyone can make to help build habits that promote racial equality and social justice.

As a company that is dedicated to nurturing a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture, we at HARMAN believe we have a critical role to play in helping to push for equality, both in the workplace and beyond. This February, we’re reinforcing our commitment to all of our employees and we will continue our efforts to create one of the most inclusive workplaces in the industry. As always, we want to thank our Black employees for their valued insight and contributions in helping us achieve this goal!