In the many years operating as a connected car leader within the automotive industry, HARMAN has developed a roster of impressive technologies that have unleashed some of consumers’ most beloved in-car experiences. From ADAS innovations and industry-leading infotainment solutions to OTA updates and HARMAN Ignite, this automotive company is continuing to build and strengthen mobility experiences for leading OEMs with the help of its talented engineers and developers. According to the Experiences Per Mile (EPM) 2030 Report, built-in vehicle connectivity will grow significantly from 48% of all new global vehicles in 2020 to nearly 96% by 2030. The HARMAN Ignite Store for Developers Portal supports OEMs and developers as they prepare for the coming revolution in vehicle connectivity.

Ignite store logo

The HARMAN Ignite Store for Developers Portal will serve as a dedicated hub for Android developers, supporting their plans to entertain their consumers in the car, through a simple, intuitive UI. The HARMAN Ignite Store, the leading connected vehicle platform, optimizes the driving experience by enabling access to a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud-based applications and services, connecting in-vehicle drivers and passengers to their favorite brands.

Through the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal, Android developers can create and deploy their own apps specifically created for in-vehicle environments - which OEMs can then easily scale, manage and leverage to drive new digital revenue opportunities. Android developers will have unprecedented access to automotive-specific toolkits, technical documentation, best practices and HARMAN product managers. As for OEMs, they will be able to easily infuse technology and digital revenue generators into their vehicles through a curated store of HARMAN-certified apps.

Automotive OEMs will have full discretion over the in-vehicle implementation of the applications through the HARMAN Ignite Store – a leading connected vehicle platform for in-vehicle app stores globally. In addition to creating a stand-out experience for consumers with content that is consistently fresh and personalized, OEMs can also benefit from digital revenue streams and minimize traditional costs associated with pursuing new technology solutions. 


OEMs have access to a curated list of secure apps to enrich the driving experience. With rich customization capabilities and flexible business models, OEMs can offer value-added apps and services while driving new experience opportunities around their brands.

Automotive-grade Template Library

HARMAN has a rich template library, developed with years of automotive expertise and offers a safe and intuitive way for drivers and passengers to interact with apps and services within the vehicle.

In addition to Android developers, the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal provides great benefits to OEMs, allowing its engineers and developers to offer new services and features based on vehicle data. The HARMAN Ignite Store positions App Developers for success by sharing its deep industry knowledge, best practices, code samples, training and other essential development tools. “We built the HARMAN Ignite Store for Developers Portal through years of automotive expertise to help connect Android developers with automotive manufacturers so together we can increase the effectiveness, availability and adoption of cloud-based in-vehicle applications,” said Sripriya Raghunathan, SVP, Automotive Services SBU at HARMAN.

We’re incredibly excited for our content partners as we embark on a new journey with the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal. By leveraging HARMAN expertise and experience, App Developers and content providers gain initial access to an entirely new domain, which holds great potential for new in-vehicle innovations and experiences.