With offices around the world and some of the brightest minds in business under our roof, HARMAN’s talented, hard-working Executive and Administrative Assistants keep our executives organized and play a crucial role in helping HARMAN continue to push the bar on connected experiences. We at HARMAN are grateful for their passion, commitment and support every day. As we celebrate National Administrative Professionals’ Day, hear from some of our proud Executive Assistants about what their contributions to HARMAN and why they love their jobs:

Connie Silverstri 

I am often asked what it is about my job that I love, and my response is “everything”.  What’s not to love? It affords me the opportunity to travel, meet amazing people, and to work on events that are exciting and rewarding. As they say, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life! 


Shannon Dey 

I really enjoy being an Executive Assistant for John Stacey, CHRO. John and the entire global HR Team always have a lot of exciting initiatives and it is never boring working in HR! In addition to my daily administrative tasks, I also have the opportunity to work on several projects for the team as well as our corporate meetings and events for our employees. Every day is different at HARMAN which makes the day more interesting and exciting. I have learned so much from working for John and the team and really enjoy being part of HARMAN!

April Maunu

As an EA, I value my time at Harman because it has allowed and encouraged me to really explore many opportunities of growth, collaboration, creativity, and knowledge. Our role often tasks us with a variety of revolving projects, deadlines, and multi-level problem-solving. I continue to hone my existing skills and also gain new ones working with the amazing group of Executive Assistants at Harman. The ideas I have shared have been embraced, enhanced, and then developed into fruition which I am extremely proud of -- I appreciate the trust, encouragement, and the recognition of my value.

Maunu-Cha_Wellness_VendorDay-2019 - Copy

Carol Faulkner 

Supporting diverse areas of HARMAN allows me the opportunity to collaborate with our internal and external stakeholders, to help drive organizational success. My role is challenging, inspiring, and very rewarding.

To our remarkable Executive Assistants and all Administrative Assistants who take great pride in supporting their leaders and teams, we at HARMAN want to offer our deepest thanks and appreciation for your undying commitment. It brings us such joy to learn that you’re as passionate and appreciative about your work at HARMAN as we are about you. Your work is truly nothing short of essential. On behalf of the entire executive team, thank you for being the backbone of our organization that keeps us all standing strong!