JBL_75 Years

HARMAN’s powerful and legendary family of brands have long carried a reputation of authority and excellence, from industry-leading in-car audio experiences and legendary professional audio solutions to consumer audio technologies that consistently outrank and outperform competitors. As our brands continue to stand the test of time, we’re filled with pride as we witness their unparalleled milestones. A momentous occasion in today’s age, when brands are constantly competing for the consumer’s attention, this year HARMAN is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its world-renowned brand, JBL!

GRAMMY® and ACADEMY AWARD®-winning composer and performer A. R. Rahman understands the importance and influence of JBL on a deep, personal level. A longtime friend of the powerhouse audio brand and JBL Ambassador, Rahman is a champion of JBL’s dedication to ultimate sound quality. His magnificent scores for blockbuster films are art in and of themselves. Time and again, he has relied on JBL’s cutting-edge audio technologies to flawlessly capture every note and chord, all to create an unforgettable musical moment. And that’s what JBL stands for – creating extraordinary sound experiences that consumers won’t ever forget.

To celebrate JBL’s remarkable 75th anniversary, Rahman sat down to discuss all things JBL, from his first-ever purchase of a JBL Professional speaker -- which he still has to this day -- to the role JBL plays in his professional life all these years later. Check it out:

Rahman’s love for JBL is a testament to the iconic brand and its never-ending commitment to superior audio experiences.

Over the course of its incredible history, JBL has remained true to the vision of audio excellence and innovation that was displayed by its founder, James B. Lansing. A major component of many of music’s most iconic moments, including Woodstock in 1969 and bringing The Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound to life, JBL elevates music in a way people everywhere can feel, professionals and consumers alike.

We at HARMAN would like to offer our most sincere congratulations to every member of the JBL team on this tremendous accomplishment. Throughout its 75 storied years, JBL has remained and will continue to be a leader among its peers in the audio industry, and doing what it does best – using incredible audio to deliver unforgettable experiences. Here’s to another lifetime of success!