All year long, our dedicated, highly skilled and brilliant manufacturing teams work tirelessly to help HARMAN flawlessly supply the world with next-generation, connected technologies. Members of the HARMAN family across our manufacturing sites – from Pune, India, to Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, and everywhere in between – continue to impress OEMs, drivers and passengers alike. This National Manufacturing Day, we’re shining the spotlight on their recent accomplishments across our many manufacturing operations.

Ford Certified

To be considered for Ford Q1 certification, an essential requirement from the OEM, a manufacturing plant must sustain high standard scores in areas such as quality, delivery, warranty, and systems, and complete a highly detailed assessment to gain endorsement from Ford’s supplier quality, planning and logistics teams. With certifications finalized for our Querétaro and Juárez facilities, we’re now proud to share that all HARMAN plants supplying Ford are now Q1-certified!

‘Quality Endorsed’ by GM

This year, HARMAN’s Suzhou, Juárez, and Querétaro I & II facilities all earned the prestigious GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award, and we at HARMAN are passing along a sincere thank you for their hard work! Given only to elite suppliers, this special recognition honors top-performing supplier manufacturing locations that have met or exceeded a very stringent set of quality performance criteria. The recognition also takes into consideration a supplier receiving the cross-functional support (during the entire calendar year) of the full GM organization. 

Winning with GM in Infotainment

Winning multiple accolades from a customer is always something HARMAN’s team cherishes dearly. Because of the hard work of our manufacturing colleagues around the world and their dedication to our key industry partners, HARMAN was also named a GM Infotainment Supplier of the Year for the second year in a row! This recognition ranked us among the top 1% of GM suppliers. This award recognizes the OEM’s top-performing suppliers based on performance criteria in product purchasing, global purchasing and manufacturing services, customer care and aftersales and logistics. Congratulations to the industry leaders and dedicated innovators throughout our manufacturing teams who helped us achieve this win.

National Award for Excellence in Energy Management

HARMAN India colleagues kept their entrepreneurial edge and innovation spirit on, as our Pune teams were recently recognized as an “Energy Efficient Unit” by a panel of judges at the 23rd National Award for Excellence in Energy Management! With nearly 70 automotive companies in the running for this honor, less than half were selected as award winners. Just how did HARMAN impress the panel of judges to make the cut? By promoting the focus on energy reduction and sustainability embedded across the plant’s manufacturing. The team won, “Most Useful Presentation.” Kudos to the Pune team for demonstrating excellence through action!

Without our manufacturing operations around the world, the experiential technologies, crucial industry partnerships and dedication to our customers – attributes that define HARMAN and have allowed us to operate as a global technology innovator for over 75 years – we at HARMAN would not be where we are today. Thank you, again, to the manufacturing teams for their heroic efforts and for helping us remain at the forefront as a leader in delivering powerful experiences!