From remote learning to in-person classes and hybrid learning environments, technology and education are more intertwined than ever before. As technology progresses, so does the classroom’s potential to be an immersive and interactive learning environment that engages students and gives instructors accessible teaching tools. In other words, the classroom of the future is becoming a reality.

In an effort to modernize their facilities for a 21st-century learning environment, schools of all kinds are turning to HARMAN Professional Solutions. With a range of powerful solutions including advanced networked AV platforms, crystal-clear loudspeaker systems and user-friendly touchscreen control interfaces, HARMAN Professional is the top choice for colleges and universities that want to expand their capabilities.

The following examples demonstrate how HARMAN is making an impact in classrooms all over the world, bringing cutting-edge technologies from AMX, BSS, JBL Professional, Crown, Soundcraft and Martin Professional together to create futuristic learning environments that benefit students and instructors alike.

texas a_m_2

Texas A&M University, USA
Texas A&M University recently launched a large-scale campus expansion project featuring a state-of-the-art Innovative Learning Classroom Building (ILCB). The facility includes a wide range of learning spaces equipped for various applications, from small seminars to 600-plus student lectures. To enhance learning and engagement for students while simplifying technical operations for instructors, Avinext and Shalleck Collaborative installed a facility-wide networked AV system featuring AMX SVSI N2400 Series encoders and decoders, Hydraport HPX table modules, JBL Control Series speakers and a Soundcraft Vi3000 console.

“We engaged with faculty from various disciplines to design a building that allowed us to maximize the pedagogical approaches needed for different types of classes,” said Dr. Juan Garza, Associate Vice President of IT-Academic Services, Texas A&M University. “Teaching can occur in the interchange of ideas and the dialogue between students, not just what the instructor is saying. The technology that we've put in the new facilities was specifically designed to allow and augment that, not to overshadow it.”

Griffith University Active Learning Space, Australia
With over 50,000 students across five physical campuses and online, Griffith University in South East Queensland is one of Australia’s foremost public research universities. Like many learning institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Griffith had to quickly adapt to social distancing requirements and virtual learning. This meant that the classrooms required effective and easy-to-use solutions for streaming lectures and wirelessly connecting students. To meet these needs, ThreeOneFive Innovations and Videopro equipped the classrooms with AMX SVSI N1000 Series encoders and decoders. The networked AVoIP solutions allowed for easy and efficient remote connection and sharing between students and faculty perfect for post-COVID-19 requirements.

“Once the campus network was AVoIP-enabled, we were able to easily migrate the SVSI devices and leverage the N1000 platform to share images between teaching spaces,” explained Chris Duckworth, Owner, ThreeOneFive Innovations. “More recently, the rooms were combined to uphold social distancing requirements. The AMX platform has delivered above and beyond our expectations with excellent functionality and reliability.”

jeonju uni_1

Jeonju National University of Education, South Korea
Hwanghak Hall, the 28-year-old recently remodeled multipurpose auditorium located at the Jeonju National University of Education, required a flexible and high-tech audio system to modernize the performance experience for students and guests. TechDataPS selected JBL VerTec VT4886 line array speakers to provide clear and intelligible sound throughout the venue, as well as Soundcraft Si Expression 3 audio mixers for easy and precise control. Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD, XTi 1002, XLi1500 and XLi800 amplifiers power the system with high-level processing capabilities and user-friendly interfaces.

University staff reported that the auditorium’s new sound system successfully provided balanced and intelligible sound during lectures and performances.


University of Northampton, England
The University of Nothampton recently relocated their campus to a centralized location in Northampton’s Waterside discrict, which presented univeristy leadership an opportunity to rethink how to best serve their students and promote a positive learning environment. The result was a modern campus that favored flexible and collaborative class spaces over conventional lecture halls, and so the school required a strong networked AV system to meet the demands of a contemporary curriculum. Global AV distributer Midwich equipped the university with a campus-wide matrix of networked HARMAN AV equipment, including AMX SVSI N-series encoders and decoders, BSS BLU-50 and BLU-100 digital signal processors, Crown CDi-series amplifiers, JBL Professional loudspeakers and WMS420 wireless microphones.

“We were delighted to work with Midwich to create a modern learning facility for The University of Northampton’s new Waterside campus,” said Leighton Hughes, UK MD & EVP at Kinly. “The new HARMAN AV solutions enable Northampton students to collaborate and learn in exciting new ways. This project was extremely ambitious, and the end result is a truly modern and innovative campus that will provide unparalleled flexibility and scalability for years to come. We look forward to continuing our long-term partnership supporting UON with future digital transformation initiatives.”