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Companies across the globe are focused on delivering voice-enabled products to their customers. However, voice technology is a nascent, complicated one that few companies can develop internally, without any collaboration. Enter, HARMAN Embedded Audio. A fully-dedicated business unit that specializes in offering this expertise with a full team of Audio Engineers that will work with partners and clients, end-to-end, helping them develop best-class, audio and voice-enabled products and solutions for consumer electronics, IoT, robotics, and health care technology.

With Bill Esrey, Senior Director of Sales for the Embedded Audio team, we discussed his thoughts on how HARMAN solves these complex issues for our clients and partners.

What is the impact that Embedded Audio is bringing to the current Audio and Voice technology markets?

Bill: As part of the Lifestyle group, HARMAN Embedded Audio provides end to end solutions to applications once thought not attainable to include a smart system. By working with our partners, we are in a position to disrupt segments in the “Smart Audio” and IOT markets by using HARMAN’s expertise and technologies to customize a solution for our customers. We are agnostic to the Hardware and work with any Hardware and Software platform to get the best results for our partners.  We treat our customers as partners and design concepts and create solutions with efficiency and high performance.

What is the business approach and how you are leveraging the HARMAN expertise trajectory into third party products?

Bill: HARMAN Embedded Audio has full access to HARMAN’s entire catalogue of hardware (Speakers & Mic), Technologies (SW & Algorithms) and Brands (Harman-Kardon, JBL, Infinity) We offer third parties the rare opportunity to incorporate “HARMAN Inside technologies” to better differentiate their products within the market, by utilizing a turn-key approach and economy of scale pricing. We have years of experience in tuning microphones and speakers to capture the best audio that is optimized for different use cases.

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Turning our focus to different geographical markets, China represents a very important piece of the HARMAN Embedded Audio puzzle. We discussed some market opportunities with Honta Tu, Sales Director leading the commercial business in the region.

How is HARMAN differentiating their offerings to third parties under a highly competitive market within China?
Honta: HARMAN’s legendary brands and sounds are highly recognized worldwide. This cooperation grants our Chinese customers notable reputation and unique selling points featuring our leading technologies, advanced hardware components and most importantly, our group of professional engineering development supports.

What other business units is HARMAN Embedded Audio leveraging to provide full solutions to its customers?
Honta: HARMAN has access to experts around the different business units like connected car, services, professional and consumer, leveraging developed technologies from category products like smart audio and headphones allowing us to offer audio and voice hardware components, software algorithms and system designs to enhance our customers product performances.

Both commercial leaders agreed that a handful of AI companies are driving the industry and we provide solutions that support these systems and can integrate any of these voice agents with our technologies.

To further elaborate, Bruce Ryan, Engineering Director within HARMAN, explained about the different trend in technologies they are supporting when customers come for any of their Audio and Voice needs:

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What is the legacy of HARMAN in Audio and Voice technologies and how your customers are being served?

Bruce: The HARMAN Embedded Group approaches our partners challenges with a holistic methodology.  The current state of the art in audio transport and rendering as well as voice capture and processing has become a highly complex operation involving many layers of hardware and software. Most audio and voice suppliers can provide bits and pieces of the puzzle but lack the experience and resources to provide a complete solution that is optimized for performance, cost and product delivery.  HARMAN Embedded has delivered hundreds of audio solutions over the past decade including complete products from concept to customer. The use of voice as an input tool for most modern products is a natural extension of our interaction with everyday devices the world uses.  HARMAN technologies allow for higher performance, lower cost and wider acceptance of the voice enabled and high-performance audio products. HARMAN has developed solutions to these and many other challenges that face product developers across the globe. Our entire commercial and engineering team is always thriving and excited to present our unique value and perspectives to our customers.

Beyond Audio and Beyond Expectations, is what HARMAN Embedded Audio aims to deliver across their customer experiences when working with leading experts in Audio and Voice. To discover more go to and learn how HARMAN is truly leaving a mark in today’s technologies and industries.

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