Each year, HARMAN kicks off the New Year at CES, the premier consumer electronics show that takes place each January in Las Vegas. From the legendary HARMAN showcase at the Hard Rock, we’ll be once again showing what’s coming next when it comes to connective experiences that provide new ways for consumers to streamline their commutes, make time in the car more enjoyable and valuable, and head confidently into a whole new decade – one that will be focused on voice control and devices that help us cut through the noise and really listen – as well as drive daily connection, and meaningful experiences.  

Tech Over Torque: A New Measure of Value
Consumers have historically relied on traditional measures such as horsepower and acceleration measurements when evaluating a new car purchase. But with digital connectivity becoming so important when evaluating a new car purchase, drivers are now looking past these factors, and to the digital technologies and connective experiences that each ride has to offer. At CES 2020, HARMAN will showcase the industry’s shift from 'torque to tech with the latest connected car technologies:

Lifestyle Audio Leaders: Focusing on the Next Big Thing
For decades, HARMAN has been redefining what it means to experience superior sound. This year, we reached an incredible milestone – with 100 million portable speakers sold worldwide – but we’re still just getting started. Sound will become an even more important part of our daily lives in the decade that begins with the year 2020, so stay tuned for an even more intuitive, intelligent, and immersive suite of products and solutions that will be announced the week of January 6th:

Experiences Per Mile: Steering the Future of Mobility
As connectivity on the road becomes ever more important, consumers expect their advanced in-vehicle technology to help them to stay connected and immersed in experiences -- no matter where they are. Last year, HARMAN demonstrated how the industry was on the precipice of a shift from RPM to EPM or ‘Experiences Per Mile’, and this year we’re equipping automakers with the next evolution of intelligent technologies they’ll need to create higher EPM. Take an early look:

At CES 2020, HARMAN will demonstrate how we’re moving the digital lifestyle beyond the hype. Keep an eye on our newsroom from January 6 – 9, 2020, to be among the first to hear about the latest innovations HARMAN will be unveiling at CES.  And for updates from the CES show floor, follow HARMAN on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram