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The JBL Boombox is adored by customers and design critics alike. It won a design Red Dot award for product design because of its ability to bring great sound anywhere in a dynamic package; its name also reminds us of the town of Boom, Belgium,  home to Europe’s premier outdoor music festival,  Tomorrowland.

In 2017, 360,000 Electronic Dance Music (EDM) lovers flocked to the small town to hear their favorite artists. Since the first festival in 2005, Tomorrowland has grown rapidly turning into a weeklong festival, attracting bigger names and brighter stars. This year, headliners included EDM stars like Slushii, Hardwell, and Tiesto and you can be sure, JBL and Boombox were there.

Tomorrowland is known for its vast lawn and elaborate stage displays. The atmosphere provides a once in a lifetime experience for most concertgoers so making the site  audibly and visually stunning is paramount. HARMAN’s Professional Solutions supports the Tomorrowland festival delivering the best concert experience on Earth.

Outdoor venues for EDM present the ultimate challenge to the Pro team. EDM features a broad range of frequencies: super high, super low, and everything in between. Low frequencies, or bass escapes easily in open air environments, and the importance of other frequencies to EDM songs means the Pro team can’t just boost bass to solve the problem. Clear sound starts in the speaker with Alnico Magnets, Titanium Diaphragms, and Low TCR voice coil wires.


Patents unique to JBL Pro include designs for guiding sound waves to the listener’s ears. These methods, namely, Progressive Transition Waveguide, Image Control Waveguide, Slip Stream Port, Radiation Boundary Integrator, and Constant Curvature Waveguide deliver a full, grand sound to the crowd at Tomorrowland. Every drop, sidechain, and pluck will be felt by festival goers with the integrity the artist hears through their headphones. 

JBL Pro tailors its solution to the sounds of Tomorrowland’s headliners, and to the venue in Boom, Belgium. The system is calibrated to the area where the festival takes place—it knows the geographic features of its surroundings. The loudspeakers are tuned and positioned with careful attention and the JBL team is able to position speakers carefully in Line Arrays thanks to unmatched rigging and suspension. The result is an unparalleled audio experience, bass is thick and present, higher tones sound full and the midrange is crisp.

More festivals than Tomorrowland want a taste of that amazing experience. JBL’s Pro solutions are so unique that all the set ups for the various locations of Summerburst Festival are treated with unique attention, and none have anything to do with the planning for Wireless Festival in London’s Finsbury Park.

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Though outdoor music festivals are a favorite summer past time, typical concerts aren’t as extravagant as Tomorrowland—many are in stadiums or arenas. That’s why it’s no surprise that JBL Pro’s Line Arrays can be found in Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, Texas Rangers Ballpark, and the Staples Center. The intelligence acquired in huge venues like stadiums and festival grounds inspires what’s engineered for smaller venues like retail spaces and fitness centers where the audio can subliminally impact purchase decisions and quality of workout.

James Bullogh Lansing—JBL’s namesake—would be in awe of the amount of engineering the Pro team makes use of and the wide scope of solutions offered. On a given summer day, whether people are dining at a JBL Pro equipped restaurant, vibing at Tomorrowland, or having a Boombox-accompanied catch in the park, one thing is evident: JBL owns audio.