Source: Ford

The launch of the new Ford Edge will be a moment to remember as 150 EU tech and lifestyle media visit northern Sweden for a press drive event celebrating elevated sound experiences. From November 26-December 7, media guests will be given the opportunity to tap into an experiential-oriented moment that will familiarize them with the impact that sound has on our daily lives and convince them of the unique quality and benefits of the B&O Sound System.

Source: Ford

The specifically-designed B&O Sound System in the new Ford Edge delivers premium sound quality and audio accuracy for all seats and in all driving conditions. The system features 12 loudspeakers and a 1,000-watt 10-channel DSP amplifier, as well as an array of additional technical components carefully selected to achieve optimal performance levels. Surround speakers in the D-pillar help deliver an enveloping, well-balanced sound throughout the vehicle’s spacious cabin that does not fatigue the ear - even on long drives.

Guests at the Ford media drive will travel to Are, Sweden, where they will embark on a scenic drive featuring a series of unique experiences surrounded by stunning natural landscapes such as sweeping fields, majestic forests, and the largest waterfall in Sweden. Participants will dive into the world of sound and learn why it matters in the creation of a place of privacy in the Ford Edge. The drive will underscore the importance of our sense of sound for its empowering and sensitive qualities, and will include a playlist to enhance the mood as participants enjoy the silence and immerse themselves in the pure sound of the B&O Sound System.

“Studies show that after listening to a track for around three minutes, our hearts start to mimic the rhythm of the music in a biological process called entrainment. This can be used to positively affect our wellbeing by slowing our heart rate and lowering our blood pressure.” –Stefan Varga, Senior Acoustic Engineer at HARMAN International.

Source: Ford

When they return from their drive, media guests will be able to listen to HARMAN experts Stefan Varga, Senior Acoustic Engineer, and Gorm Jørgensen, Director, Global EPIC, UeX at HARMAN, talk freely about the impact of sound on our daily lives and how important the quality of sound is. Over the course of the talk, the speakers will build a connection with the new Ford Edge and discuss how it was possible to create a private space inside the car. Live demonstrations of the B&O Sound System in the Ford Edge will also take place during the day.

Edge_BE_SW_CH_026 - Gorm Jrgensen
Source: Ford

“We focus on a deep and rich human experience. But creating great sound is not enough; we strive to bring our products to life as an enjoyable and natural part of every day. Our approach to technology has always been to harness its power and adapt it to real human needs and desires.” –Gorm Jørgensen, Director, Global EPIC, UeX at HARMAN International.