Over the course of HARMAN’s history, the company has unlocked the power of sound for generations of listeners with a style that is totally unique in the industry. Keeping this vision front and center, our in-house design team, Huemen, has forged a reputation for creating ergonomic, intuitive, and downright beautiful products that speak to our users on a deeper level. HARMAN and its audio brands—JBL, Harman Kardon, and AKG—stand in a class of their own, with an industry-leading 698 design and technology awards. We are delighted to announce that we have won 35 iF Design Awards and 31 Red Dot Design Awards in 2024, demonstrating that HARMAN and its brands are synonymous with outstanding design.

JBL Live 770NC
JBL Live 770NC

One of the most coveted design awards in the world, the iF Design Award is an internationally recognized symbol of superb design. Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, iF is known far and wide for focusing on the transformative power of design. The iF Design Awards have grown in popularity and renown over the past seven decades, and thousands of participants submit their creations (10,800 from 72 countries this year) to iF’s independent jury of design experts.

Red Dot is also an illustrious name in the global design space. The Red Dot Design Awards have been honoring the very best in the industry for the past 60 years, with expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design, and design concepts.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have earned so many iF and Red Dot Design Awards this year, which clearly demonstrates the excellence of our brands across multiple categories,” said Christian Schluender, Senior Vice President of Global Design. “The Huemen Design team is constantly inspired to outperform itself, raising the standard for great design year after year. Winning 66 design awards in the space of two months is a fantastic achievement, and we are extremely proud.”

Since 2013, our brands have received 698 awards for 479 products from such high-profile competitions as Red Dot, CES, EISA, Fast Company, and iF across Consumer Audio, Luxury Audio, and Car Audio.

JBL PartyBox Ultimate
JBL PartyBox Ultimate



2024 iF Design Awards breakdown


Portable Audio (8): The JBL PartyBox Ultimate, PartyBox Club 120, PartyBox Stage 320, Xtreme 4, Go 4, Clip 5, PartyBox Wireless Mic, and PartyBox Ultimate Experience all received awards.

Home Audio (3): Harman Kardon’s Virtuo, and Allure’s Essential Lighting received awards, as did the JBL Rally Bar.


Headphones (11): JBL received iF Design Awards for its Live Buds 3, Live Beam 3, Live Flex 3, Tour PRO 3, Soundgear Frames, Quantum Stream Wireless, Live 670 NC, Live 770 NC, and Endurance Race 2. AKG also brought home awards for its N5 Hybrid and N9 Hybrid.


JBL Quantum Stream Wireless
JBL Quantum Stream Wireless

UI/UX (2): Harman Kardon won an award for its OneOS ecosystem and the Volvo App Experience.


Luxury Audio (5): The JBL Infinity Reference Subwoofers, Arcam Radia Hi-Fi Series, JBL Spinner BT, JBL DA850 and DA1650 distribution amplifiers, and the JBL Classic Hi-Fi Components all received awards.

Car Audio (6): JBL received an award for the Toyota Tacoma sound system, while Harman Kardon received an award for the MINI Cooper SE sound system. Bowers & Wilkins received awards for its sound systems in the BMW 5 Series, Volvo EM90, Aston Martin DB12, as well as for its McLaren 750 speakers.


2024 Red Dot Design Awards breakdown



Car Aftermarket (3): Infinity won awards for the Reference Subwoofers and JBL for its DSP 3544 Series.


Car Audio (11): Harman Kardon received awards for the sound systems in the Volkswagen Passat, WEY Gao Shan, Volkswagen ID.7, Volkswagen ID.5, MINI Countryman SE, MINI Cooper SE, Lynk & Co 08, and BMW 5 Series. Bowers & Wilkins won an award for its sound systems in the BMW 5 Series, Volvo EM90, and Aston Martin DB12.


Headphones (7): The JBL Live Beam 3, Live Flex 3, Tour PRO 3, Quantum Stream Wireless, Live 670 NC, Live 770 NC, as well as the AKG N9 Hybrid received awards.

ARCAM Radia Stack A25 & CD5
ARCAM Radia Stack A25 & CD5


Home (1): Harman Kardon received an award for the Harman Kardon Virtuo.


Portable (7): The JBL Xtreme 4, Go 4, Clip 5, PartyBox Wireless Mic, PartyBox Ultimate, PartyBox Ultimate Smart Product, and PartyBox Stage 320 received awards.

PRO (1): The JBL Entertainment GHD Series received an award.

Best of the Best (1 for Car Audio): JBL received an award for the Toyota Tacoma sound system.