Since 2022, the list of industry accolades for HARMAN’s Automotive division has continuously grown — with no signs of stopping.

We are thrilled to announce that HARMAN has received multiple prestigious awards in recognition of our unwavering commitment to manufacturing and quality excellence within the automotive industry. These accolades serve as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of our team, as we continue to push boundaries and deliver exceptional products to our valued customers. Join us as we celebrate these achievements that propel us forward on our journey towards automotive excellence.

Below is an overview of the awards and certifications HARMAN Automotive has achieved since July 2022:

GM Customer Care

Excellence in Energy Management Award: HARMAN’s Pune, India facility was recognized as an “Energy Efficient Unit” by a panel of judges at the 23rd National Award for Excellence in Energy Management. Nearly 70 automotive and engineering companies were in the running while only 30 companies walked away with an award.

GM Customer Care & Aftersales On-Time Shipping Award: Our distribution center in El Paso, Texas, USA was recognized by GM for its dedication and commitment to consistently performing above expectations and shipping on time.

GM Supplier Quality Excellence Awards: GM has awarded HARMAN with three Supplier Quality Excellence Awards in Queretaro & Juarez, Mexico. This award recognizes GM’s top performing supplier manufacturing locations that have met or exceeded very stringent quality performance criteria and have also received cross-functional support by the entire GM organization for the 2022 calendar year.

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Golden Peacock

Golden Peacock National Quality Award: For two years in a row, this coveted recognition was awarded to HARMAN’s Pune, India facility. Companies are assessed based on zero pollutant discharge, monitoring & measurement, employee & leadership commitment, and more.

Subaru of Indiana Commodity Leader Award for High Content: In Queretaro & Juarez, Mexico, we were awarded for our ability to deliver products at high volume with high complexity. This is our second time and second year in a row that we have won this award.   


TATA Motors Resilient Supply Chain Award: For two consecutive years, TATA Motors awarded HARMAN its Resilient Supply Chain Award based on an outstanding evaluation of launch, supplier, process, and customer quality.

Toyota Best Supplier Logistics Award: In Manaus, Brazil, we received recognition from Toyota for being among the best logistics companies in the country with 100% deliveries and zero logistical incidents.

Volvo VQE

Volvo Cars Quality Excellence (VQE) Certification: HARMAN’s Dandong, China facility earned VQE certification, which recognizes suppliers that deliver high-quality goods & services, while being a supportive business partner.

From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to our skilled workforce, these accolades affirm our commitment to setting new benchmarks and driving innovation within the industry. We owe this success to the passion and dedication of our employees, who consistently strive for excellence and deliver outstanding results. Thank you and congratulations to our employees globally for your hard work and collaboration!