Pushing the boundaries of innovation has never been more important. Today, with technology at our fingertips almost anything is possible – if you can unlock the right inspiration.

HARMAN Automotive and Scuderia Ferrari have partnered to do just that. In a multi-year, multi-faceted team partnership, HARMAN Automotive and renowned luxury Italian automaker Ferrari have joined forces to bring the next generation of in-cabin experiences to market, today. To celebrate this exciting team-up and preview what’s to come, the two international companies have dropped an exciting new video series, The Ride of Your Life, which emphasizes the parallels between both teams’ pursuit of automotive innovation on and off the track.

The Ride of your Life gives light to HARMAN Automotive and Scuderia Ferrari’s shared expertise, tenacity and innovation mindset tailor-made for activating a new era of driving. At HARMAN Automotive, it’s our mission to offer a top-tier experience for drivers and passengers as we roll out our new Ready products, while for Scuderia Ferrari, the racing division of Ferrari and the racing team, it is their goal to  compete among the best in the Formula One series. Building upon the respective history and tradition of both brands, each episode will focus on a different theme, ultimately tying back to the synergies around how both HARMAN Automotive and Scuderia Ferrari are transforming in-cabin driving experiences.

Building upon the respective history and tradition of both brands, the seven-episodes in The Ride of Your Life  feature interviews with Scuderia Ferrari team members including F1 driver Charles Leclerc and team principal/general manager Frederic Vasseur. Each episode focuses on a different theme and the synergies between both teams’ pursuits, such as seamlessly integrating technology into the driving experience, mitigating safety risks, personalization, and more.

The Ride of Your Life video series is accompanied by a companion video series highlighting how the HARMAN Ready Products help to improve car vehicle safety, provide personalization, and elevate the in-cabin experience in every way possible. The primary video highlights consumers in three different situations as they return home safely from a recent trip. During their drive, they interact with various HARMAN Ready Products that help to make the drive safer, more personalized and elevate the overall experience for everyone in the vehicle.

In addition to innovation collaborations and The Ride of Your Life series, HARMAN Automotive and Ferrari announced earlier this year that Ferrari will leverage HARMAN Ready Upgrade to deliver fully upgradeable consumer electronics-level experiences into the cabin across their vehicle lineup, quickly and cost effectively. 

Innovation isn’t slowing down at HARMAN Automotive; we’re revving our engines to fast-track meaningful and exciting solutions for consumers. Interested in learning more? All episodes of The Ride of Your Life are now live and can be viewed here.