Your car is an extension of you, your personality and your home. At HARMAN, we’re doing more than just making products – we’re creating experiences that provide the right elements to deliver the "Ride of Your Life."

To help showcase the power of what Ready can deliver, we’re excited to unveil a new video series and eBook, called The Ride of Your Life, highlighting how these products help to improve vehicle safety, provide personalization, and elevate the in-cabin experience in every way possible. The content series highlights how technology, when applied thoughtfully, can deliver meaningful improvements and exciting experiences for consumers in their vehicles.

The series showcases how HARMAN Ready products help to accent a day in the life for the everyday consumer. In each scenario, the driver is distracted by their passengers, responsibilities or even by their own thoughts. The drivers interact with various HARMAN Ready products to help make their drive safer for everyone in the vehicle.

Personalize your in-cabin experience with Ready on Demand

Drive #1: Expecting a phone call from her husband, Layla activates a new Ready On Demand feature she downloaded earlier that morning: The Phone Zone feature, which allows phone-call audio to come through designated speakers so as not to disturb her sleeping daughter in the backseat. The rest of the drive is uneventful, aside from Layla admiring the crisp, vivid Ready Display — a Neo QLED Auto Display that brings home entertainment levels of clarity into the vehicle.

Stay attentive with Ready Care

Drive #2: Ready Care has detected early signs of cognitive distraction and takes preventative steps to keep Matthew’s focus on the road. As Matthew has preprogrammed into the vehicle’s system, Ready Care automatically turns up the audio volume, alerting him that his mind has drifted. During another portion of the ride, Matthew looks at his touchscreen display and notices that his vehicle’s domain controller is ready for an upgrade — thanks to the Ready Upgrade hardware and software platform. After parking his vehicle, he selects the “Schedule Upgrade” option on the touchscreen and he is in contact with the dealership.

Smart navigation made easy with Ready Vision

Drive #3: Sonya is driving home from a weekend trip when she sees an AR-enhanced carpeted navigation arrow appear in her Ready Vision head-up display. Her turn is fast approaching, and she needs to focus. She activates her turn signal and begins to make her turn. As she’s focused on the road, she sees a blind-spot monitoring warning appear in her head-up display. On-coming traffic has been detected in her blind spot. She waits to make her turn and the vehicle passes — avoiding a potential collision.

HARMAN Ready products are the hero that help us drive safely, even as life’s distractions get in the way. From leveraging real-time data to improving safety to infusing consumer electronics into the cabin, HARMAN is transforming vehicles from simple transportation into vehicles that connect our digital and physical lives —  today as opposed to years from now. To learn more, you can view the eBook, primary video, as well as the vignettes of each product here.