HARMAN leads the industry with a broad number of technology suppliers across the semiconductor industry to deliver the end-to-end innovations that OEMs demand to advance the development of the connected car. At CES 2019, HARMAN is showcasing next-generation automotive platforms, solutions and technologies that leverage multiple third-party suppliers, and is featuring demonstrations leveraging technology from Texas Instruments, NXP, Micron, Autotalks, and MediaTek (just to name a few), with each solution blending expertise from both HARMAN and its partners.

For example, the nearly two-decade long relationship HARMAN has fostered with Texas Instruments will help bring more image processing to automakers looking to incorporate camera technology as part of their advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). In addition, HARMAN has partnered with NXP to deliver several fruitful collaborations over the years that have brought emerging technologies, such as software-defined radio, to market. At CES, NXP is providing an I.O. controller for HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit platform demonstration. Similarly, Micron’s contribution through its broad portfolio of LPDRAM and 3D NAND-based e.MMC and UFS storage solutions will help advance infotainment and autonomous driving applications in next-generation automobiles. These three relationships demonstrate both the strength and diversity of HARMAN’s supplier relationships and the company’s willingness to embrace partner ideas and concepts.

“We appreciate our long-standing collaborative relationship with HARMAN,” said Curt Moore, Automotive Processors Manager of Texas Instruments. “By pairing our ADAS processors with HARMAN’s digital camera expertise, OEMs can continue to fuel their innovative designs and gain a competitive edge as we move closer to semi- and fully autonomous vehicles.”

Some of HARMAN’s newer partnerships are strategically focused on providing next-generation ADAS and smart mobility features to automakers. For instance, Autotalks is helping HARMAN further develop global vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications by providing its chipset and security expertise, demonstrating HARMAN’s agility to work with startups for productizing state-of-the-art technology.

Showcasing HARMAN’s collaborative mindset, the company’s work with MediaTek has been strategically focused on rallying technology suppliers around a single set of automaker requirements. As a non-traditional automotive supplier, MediaTek leveraged HARMAN’s experience to ensure its compute and cellular chips would be “automotive-grade” and capable of being reliable in a product with a much longer lifespan than a mobile device. These partnerships are not only reflective of Silicon Valley’s growing influence on the automotive industry, but anticipatory of where OEMs are headed in the near future – more concerned with experience-per-mile than horsepower.

“HARMAN’s strategic technology supplier network, together with access to the rich portfolio of Samsung innovations and resources, provides us with the necessary bandwidth to meet all of our global customer needs,” said David Slump, Executive Vice President, Operations, HARMAN. “We work with automakers and technology partners from Silicon Valley to Stuttgart to Shanghai to provide industry-leading solutions that are best-in-class and welcome an open ecosystem of partnerships to create safer, more advanced and increasingly connected mobility.”