At HARMAN, our Connected Car division designs, engineers and innovates every day to provide connected solutions for our most valued partners, and our compute model integration with Mercedes-Benz is no exception.

Earlier this year, the luxury vehicle maker announced Mercedes-Benz Companion, a door-to-door connected app designed to link a driver’s Apple Watch to their Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a few simple taps on their wrist. Navigation is simplified as the Companion app syncs the selected driving directions with the vehicle’s NTG5 compute model furnished by HARMAN. Once the driver starts the engine, the driving directions will appear on the compute model screen, ready to take the driver to their location.

HARMAN’s NTG5 compute model enables Mercedes-Benz vehicles to seamlessly integrate wearables and supporting apps with HARMAN’s complete suite of end-to-end connectivity and navigation solutions. See how simple it is to sync the Mercedes-Benz Companion app with HARMAN’s NTG5 compute model in this video:

To learn more about how HARMAN keeps drivers connected from any device to their vehicle, visit HARMAN’s Connected Car division website.