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In an industry driven by incremental technology advancements, evolving from one model year to the next, automotive innovation can slow down from time to time. Functionally, and spiritually, what was created to move you, doesn’t always deliver the experience that was expected. As a global connected technologies leader, this challenge is our call to action. HARMAN develops solutions for automakers across diverse geographies, cultures and markets, and we are dedicated to employing a holistic consumer-centric approach that results in amazing driving experiences.

Consumers demand models that meet their needs. With this knowledge intact, HARMAN creates solutions that enable well-being, productivity, social connections and more — to both drivers and passengers. HARMAN has been at the front of the pack throughout the evolution of the connected car — from our first in-car radio back in the 1970s to technologies that elevate experiences per mile (EPM), today.The just-announced HARMAN ExP Integrated Solution Suite enables cohesive vehicle experiences for drivers —empowering automakers the world over to deliver connective experiences to drivers and passengers with a personalized touch.

Here are some examples of the experience bundles HARMAN unveiled at CES 2020:

Integrating Technologies that Boost Safety & Connectivity

Whether its business emails or a catch-up call with a longtime friend, consumer hunger for connectivity on-the-go must be tempered by solutions that keep drivers and passengers safe. The HARMAN Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Bundle enables full connectivity — without compromising safety. Blending cloud, ADAS and telematics technologies, this solution enhances driver experience and safety through

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features such as blind-spot warning, directional sound steering, and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) warning. Additionally, there’s a virtual personal assistant (VPA) feature that helps drivers stay connected to their environment — without any distractions.

Making the Car a Productivity Driver

HARMAN continually seeks ways to increase overall productivity — and the HARMAN Hyper Productivity Bundle delivers an experience positioned around personalization and productivity. Through the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace, drivers and passengers can access a network of HARMAN partners for a rich variety of content and services that connect the car to an individual’s digital lifestyle.

Elevating Audio Experiences is One Button Away

Understanding the growing demands of the EV consumer, HARMAN’s technology delivers compromise-free entertainment, communication and comfort to drivers and passengers. Bringing twice the power while also reducing weight, complexity and power consumption when compared with traditional electric vehicle solutions, HARMAN EV Plus+ solutions enable drivers to upgrade their audio and communication offerings through the HARMAN Audio Marketplace, powered by HARMAN Ignite. Leveraging Over-The-Air (OTA) update technology, automakers can upgrade in-vehicle audio, entertainment and communications features at the touch of a button throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle.

Connecting the Unconnected 

HARMAN believes just about any car can become safe and connected, powered by some of the most advanced in-car technologies available to modern vehicles today. In particular, HARMAN SmartAuto Connectivity technology delivers access to the same technologies and features typically found in modern luxury vehicles, through a plug-in device. This bundle also features the HARMAN SmartAuto Dash Cam, giving  drivers forward-collision warnings and incident management support; SmartAuto Headunit, a modernized user interface; and SmartAuto Wireless Charging, so devices can stay charged while on-the-go. These devices all combine to make any car connected and as safe as possible.

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“Instead of just creating technologies for a vehicle, we’re designing experiences for drivers and passengers,” says Dinesh Paliwal, HARMAN President and CEO. “With the HARMAN ExP Integrated Solution Suite, we help OEMs to create consumer-centric driving experiences by skillfully developing customized technology bundles for virtually any need. By building with the end-user experience in mind from the start, wedeliver on consumer expectations today – while ensuring OEMs make strategic and future-ready technological investments for tomorrow.”

With the HARMAN ExP Integrated Solution Suite, OEMs can take advantage of the various customized technology bundles that deliver next-level in-car experiences. The HARMAN approach of implementing holistic automotive technologies, compared to singular features, ensures OEMs can combine and compound the benefits offered by various technologies — and propel brand loyalty and personalized experiences. For more information on how HARMAN delivers meaningful experiences to both drivers and passengers, check out this Press Release from CES 2020.