The car is expected to change more in the next five years than it has in the last fifty. What will the future of automotive audio look like? What challenges will suppliers and OEMs alike face in the coming years?

At the upcoming International Conference on Automotive Audio hosted by the Audio Engineering Society (AES), HARMAN experts will discuss a multitude of subjects from across audio engineering tasks, including the company’s approach to Virtual Reality supported Car Audio system design, virtual sound tuning, automotive microphone performance, and much more.

With a broad portfolio of software and hardware based audio technologies, HARMAN engineers solutions to enhance life’s experiences, simplifying the way people interact with technology and connecting them to the world around them. In addition, HARMAN’s engineering technologies, like HARMAN AudioworX and VirtualWORKS, not only help its own engineers but also OEM partners and third parties to create unique automotive audio solutions for any vehicle.

Connect with the HARMAN experts onsite to shape the Future of Automotive Audio, together.

AES International Conference on Automotive Audio 2019
September 11-13, 2019
At Audi Driving Experience Center
Neuburg an der Donau (Bavaria), Germany


‘Automotive Audio Systems – Today and in Future – Holistic System Design’
Greg Sikora, Senior Manager, Acoustic Engineering, HARMAN (Moderator)
Martin Olsen, Senior Principal Engineer, EPIC, HARMAN
Thursday, September 12th at 10:30 – 12:00 PM

‘Sound Reproduction on Wheels: Aesthetics & Challenges in Automotive’
Dr. Rafael Kassier, Manager of Subjective Evaluations, HARMAN (Moderator)
Stefan Varga, Senior Engineer Acoustic, HARMAN
Thursday, September 12th at 4:15 – 5:30 PM



‘Automotive Microphone Performance: from Specifications to User Experience’
Yu Du, Sr Principal Acoustic Engineer, HARMAN
Victor Dobos, Principal Acoustic Engineer, HARMAN
Balazs Varga, Engineer, Automotive Microphones & Headphones, HARMAN
Ruiting Yang, Principal Engineer, HARMAN
Wednesday, September 11th at 11:30-12:00 PM

‘Virtual Tuning – A Mixed Approach Based on Measured RTFx’
Hans Lahti, Sr Principal Acoustic Systems Engineer, HARMAN
Wednesday, September 11th at 3:45-4:15 PM

‘Virtual Reality Experience for the Optimization of a Car Audio System’
Michael Strauss, Sr. Manager, Virtual Product Development, HARMAN
Francois Malbos, Principal Engineer, Engineering R&D, HARMAN
Michal Bogdanski, Software Architect, Engineering R&D, HARMAN
Wednesday, September 11th at 4:15-4:45 PM

‘Crossover filters pre and post limiters for basic loudspeaker protection: a case study’
Marcin Kalinowski, Acoustic Systems Engineer, HARMAN
Matteo Nucci, Acoustic Systems Engineer, HARMAN
Friday, September 13th at 1:45-2:15 PM



‘HARMAN AudioworX – a one-stop-shop solution for efficient audio processing & tuning with access to a wide range of unique audio technologies’
HARMAN AudioworX is a comprehensive tool and functionality suite that ensures high quality for all kinds of audio products, and allows fast market entry. The suite offers smart, seamless, and intuitive solutions that make configuring the audio algorithm database and DSP framework easy. It also simplifies the process of tuning and controlling the various algorithms. Moreover, the suite’s scalable and modular platform offers an independent solution that can be used even in distributed systems.
Philipp Krejci, Director, Global Tuning Tools, HARMAN
Wednesday, September 11th at 3:30-3:40 PM

HARMAN AudioworX Expert Talk
Philipp Krejci, Director, Global Tuning Tools, HARMAN
Wednesday, September 11th, all day long at the exhibition area

HARMAN High End Audio Demo Car
Take your seat in our demo car equipped with a Bowers & Wilkins high-end audio system that will treat your ears to the finest audio experience. Escape into a sound sanctuary with HARMAN’s QuantumLogic® Immersion and Virtual Venues Live and experience sound in the car as if you were seated in your favorite music venue.
Wolfgang Zieglmeier, Principal Acoustic Systems Engineer, HARMAN
Hands-on demos available Wednesday thru Friday, all day long

*all times are CET. Changes reserved – check AES website for latest agenda updates.