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This social web series campaign takes you on a journey together with prominent artists Ana Diaz and J.Views as they explore the cultural and musical vibes of Stockholm, Amsterdam and Berlin in the new Volvo XC40. By following their journey and understanding their approach in meeting people to collect sounds and emotions, you get unique insights in their creative process of making music for the road, on the road. In three episodes, one from each city, you can see and hear the songs taking shape.

Technology goes lifestyle

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The new Premium Sound system from Harman Kardon in Volvo XC40 is an advanced combination of hardware, software and acoustic craftsmanship. Chosen as “Car of the Year” at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show,  the XC40 is a truly an exceptional car. As is the Harman Kardon system, which captivates your senses with an impactful 7.1 surround sound, fine-tuned by HARMAN’s acoustic experts with the help of Dirac Unison® tuning software that makes for a striking on-the-road sound experience.

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But how did a tech product turn into a lifestyle campaign?

“We build a technically advanced sound system, and what a consumer gets from the car is an immersive experience. Music enhances emotions, and with Harman Kardon Premium Sound in the car, the journey matters just as much as reaching the destination”, said Mathias Brand, Sr. Director, Global Marketing European Customers, Automotive Audio at HARMAN`s Lifestyle Division. “Music and cars are important factors in our consumers’ lifestyles and we want to create relevant and interesting content for them.”

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So, did Ana Diaz and J.Views succeed with their mission to create the perfect soundtrack? Listen and hear for yourself! The episodes, the songs and a lot of extra material is available at


About the artists:

Ana Diaz 

Swedish songwriter and top-liner. After years in London and Los Angeles working for other artists like Britney Spears, Zara Larsson, One Direction and Jennifer Lopez, she returned to Stockholm a few years ago to start her own label Winwin Recordings and do her own work as solo artist. Ana is a versatile songwriter and singer, who can work in any genre although her heart lies in hip hop and RnB.


Jonathan Dagan, known by his stage name J.Views, is a two-time Grammy nominated Brooklyn-based, producer, remixer, and art director. J.Views is known for pushing the boundaries in the creative world, constantly innovating the dialogue with his audience. His production often incorporates elements through the use of samples of natural objects and sounds, analog tapes and synthesizers.