The TU-Automotive Awards recognizes leaders pushing the automotive industry forward through innovation, industry engagement and quality products and services. This year, HARMAN has been named as a finalist in the following categories:

  • Best Telematics Products/Service for HARMAN’s Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution (LIVS)
  • Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service for HARMAN’s 5+1 security framework
  • Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service for HARMAN and TowerSec’s TCUSHIELD
  • Best Aftermarket Telematics Product/Service for HARMAN’s Service Delivery Platform

Life Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution (LIVS)

HARMAN Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution (LIVS) brings together previously discreet or separate connectivity and operational domains under a new, holistic automotive computing platform. This is the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end solution for intelligent and personalized in-vehicle performance. LIVS is built to learn and anticipate the preference of passengers based on voice, hand gestures, physical controls or touch and/or a combination of these technologies based on each person's preference. Most automotive providers are only capable of offering partial solutions to OEMs, leaving gaps in connectivity that otherwise go unnoticed or filled by another supplier. HARMAN's latest technologies offer a complete range of essential elements that make up the LIVS platform, which includes everything from scalable compute platforms to state-of-the-art camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. To learn more about the LIVS platform, read here.

5+1 Security Framework

Addressing security risks associated with the connected car is becoming increasing imperative for automakers and consumers. HARMAN’s unique “defense-in-depth” automotive 5+1 cyber security framework is changing the way we secure the connected car. The five layers include:

  • Hardware Protection:  Trusted Execution Environment which physically isolates sensitive information from the so called “Normal World” or “Untrusted World”
  • Hypervisor: Separates vehicle critical functions from user infotainment functions
  • OS level security such as mandatory access control
  • Application sandboxing between the entertainment apps
  • Network protection using mutual authentication, secure encryption, Intrusion Detection Systems and Firewalls

These are in addition to OTA updateability, the +1 layer and a crucial component responsible for installation of security-related updates and patches to guard against zero-day vulnerabilities or any security flaw that is detected in the field.

To learn more about the 5+1 security framework, watch here.


TCUSHIELD is the latest addition to HARMAN’s cybersecurity portfolio through its recent TowerSec acquisition. TCUSHIELD is an on-board, software-based cyber-hardening solution for telematics units (TCUs) and infotainment systems (IVIs), which protects connected vehicles, fleets and service providers from attacks originating through cellular connectivity. TCUSHIELD makes up the final layer of HARMAN’s 5+1 security framework and enables manufacturers to protect vital cellular connections against threats targeted at infotainment systems, e-Calls, V2X, autonomous vehicles and more. To learn more about TCUSHIELD, read here.

Service Delivery Platform

At this year’s CES, HARMAN’s Connected Services division announced its cloud-based service delivery platform for the connected car. The platform enables automakers and service providers to introduce and easily implement new enterprise cloud services to connected vehicles. Its framework includes a collection of core HARMAN connected services, third party services and management features to create fully integrated and customized systems that can be updated seamlessly over the air. To learn more about the Service Delivery Platform, read here.

The solutions recognized by the TU Automotive Awards are a testament to HARMAN’s commitment in developing an end-to-end suite of connected car solutions as our industry continues to evolve vehicle design and engineering that matches drivers’ connected lifestyles.  To stay connected with the latest HARMAN news and updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook