Sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives continue to be a fundamental component to everything we do at HARMAN. From our technological solutions for the car, work and home that reduce carbon emissions, to our employees across the globe charging forward with green initiatives, HARMAN keeps sustainability at heart to help preserve the environment. In honor of Earth Day and April 2018 being the 48th Anniversary of Earth Month, we wanted to reflect on the recent eco-friendly initiatives undertaken by our offices in China, India and Korea.


China Green Day Pic

Led by Peter Shen, General Manager of HARMAN Suzhou, and Leslie Luo, Deputy General Manager of HARMAN Suzhou, this past March, HARMAN’s Suzhou site in China conducted a tree-planting activity themed, “I have a rendez-vous with the green trees.” Our employees gathered with determined minds and the tools needed to plant pear, cherry, plum and pomegranate trees on the day of the event.  

The tree planting activity was just a small example of the meaningful, sustainable practices implemented by HARMAN’s Suzhou office to make the world a cleaner, more eco-friendly place. HARMAN’s newly renovated canteen is installed with natural lighting to free it from any grid-powered lighting during the day, which will save substantially more energy than a traditional approach. The lights in HARMAN’s offices will also be replaced with LED bulbs that both use less energy and reduce gas emissions.

Efforts to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint are seen across the entire plant, with the use of hand dryers instead of paper towels. HARMAN Suzhou’s site is focused on implementing sustainable, green practices within its infrastructure.


Earlier this year, an initiative called ‘Adopt-A-Mile’ was launched in Bangalore, India. Supported by the administrative body managing civic and infrastructural assets of the Greater Bangalore metropolitan area -- Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP), this new initiative aims to keep Bangalore cleaner, greener, secure and beautiful by drawing participation from both organizations and individuals. Eager to support this new initiative, HARMAN India’s connected car business unit partnered with “LetsBeTheChange,” a non-profit organization aimed at building a cleaner and healthier society on this day-long event called “Beautifying Bengaluru”.

On the day of the event, employees, along with their friends and family, gathered at the site chosen for a facelift. The volunteers helped paint the walls with awareness messages which symbolized the importance of maintaining cleanliness in their locality. Overall, the day was well spent on bringing a positive change in the society and creating momentum for a better, more beautiful and vibrant Bangalore.

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Since April 2015 in honor of Earth Day and Earth Month, HARMAN Korea has implemented a week long energy-savings campaign to reduce the amount of electricity and disposable products used throughout the facility. Keeping up with tradition, this year our offices in Korea will be taking the stairs when going to lunch and will not offer paper cups or disposable products in their cafeteria. Additionally, to honor “Earth hour” (which takes place every day between noon – 1:30pm), the office will turn off lights at our facilities for an hour.

Every year we take pride in seeing our offices take the baton in advancing green initiatives to improve environmental sustainability and have a positive impact on the planet. Our sustainability vision is simple and clear: to be a best-in-class employer and provider of technology solutions that are beneficial to the long-term well-being of the people and the communities we serve. Discover how we’re making HARMAN’s offices and our communities’ eco-friendly here.