We at HARMAN have always been committed to perfecting the art of predicting, setting and delivering trends within the constantly evolving technology industry for our customers all over the world. After conducting extensive consumer research, one idea became clear: Customers are looking for new, cutting-edge ways to improve time in the car, whether they come in the form of advanced communication and connection, improved customization options, or accessible and high-quality audio solutions. What were once considered futuristic extras are now the expectation for everyday drivers and passengers, and we at HARMAN are ready to deliver.

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As a global connected technologies leader that has been at the helm of the automotive and audio industries, we strongly believe that the power of voice cannot be overstated. Often considered our most powerful tool for communication, we use our voices every day to state desires, make decisions and relate to the environment around us. This World Voice Day, we’re celebrating the ability of voice-led technologies to create a superior in-car experience packed with unprecedented customization, foster entertainment and share audio with fellow passengers. All of these features and more can be executed with HARMAN Ready Together, an integrated entertainment and communication management solution for our automotive customers.

HARMAN Ready Together simplifies complex in-cabin social challenges by allowing each passenger to personalize their own media experience while simultaneously keeping them connected to others in the car. Our Ready Together solution is designed with the consumer’s connection, productivity, and entertainment in mind.

Just how does the power of voice come into play in Ready Together? The Intercom system is a crucial piece and can be activated with the simple push of a button. The Intercom pauses all media being used by passengers in the vehicle and enhances the driver’s voice when an announcement is being made. Whether drivers want to alert passengers they’ve arrived at their destination, or they want to make sure everyone’s enjoying the ride, drivers maintain some control and can safely communicate with passengers in the vehicle when necessary. The ability to keep everyone entertained separately, while still maintaining a sense of connection is what sets Ready Together apart.

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Ready Together users also have access to Clear Chat, which combines industry-leading microphones echo cancellation and noise-reduction algorithms to bring new clarity to in-vehicle phone calls and voice assistants. Phone call recipients hear the caller without the sonic clutter of a noisy vehicle cabin, with the help of voice assistants that are built to respond promptly and intelligibly.

As OEMs and customers alike look to the future of connected mobility, we at HARMAN are ready to offer our industry-leading automotive audio and software solutions for every driver and passenger. With solutions like HARMAN Ready Together that look to improve the in-car experience for everyday drivers and passengers, we’re reinforcing our commitment to listening to and innovating based on desires, something that’s helped HARMAN remain a leader in the automotive space for over 70 years. Learn more about Ready Together offering here.