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Are you guilty of neglecting the user manual that came with your latest tech product? You probably figured that you'll learn the system or product through trial and error – it's an obvious approach, but you might not always get the most out of your product. As we continue to celebrate Quality Month this November, we wanted to highlight one of the latest projects from our Creative Team, engineered to ensure customers enjoy all that our products have to offer.

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Short product quick-start guides no longer are sufficient to capture the essence of today's innovative and technologically advanced products. Lengthy user guides can be difficult for customers to digest, even for some the most straightforward products like the JBL Flip portable speaker series. In an effort to help our customers better understand their purchase without sacrificing on the critical details, our Creative and Customer Service teams joined forces. Under this program, our teams are creating additional aids like easy to digest video content to help answer some of our customer's most frequently asked questions.

"Delivering a world-class product purchase goes far beyond the product itself,” said Christopher Dragon, Senior Director of Marketing for Lifestyle, HARMAN. “The materials and support we provide post-purchase are equally important as our customers get acquainted with their new HARMAN product. This program is ongoing, and as HARMAN launches new products, new categories, and new features, we will support them with these aids to ensure our customers get the most out of them. The best salespeople in the world are our consumers and going that extra mile to ensure they know how to use, enjoy and maintain their products pays off."

Check out a few of the JBL and Harman Kardon How-to videos below:

Wax and dust can accumulate in your earphones, which could cause muffled and low sound. To improve sound quality, we provide a quick tutorial on how to clean your JBL headphones.

Here we guide consumers on how to activate the Ambient Aware and TalkThru functionalities in their JBL headphones. 

Background noises like sirens and people talking can take away from the immersive music experience of your dreams. Here the Team shows consumers how to activate the Noise Cancelling functionality in their headphones, so all you hear is your personal soundtrack.

Headphone wires are a hassle, they form intricate knots in your pockets and you are constantly having to untangle them. With JBL’s Bluetooth functionality, you no longer have to deal with the tangled mess. Learn how to activate by our Team.

Harman Kardon’s Team walks through how you can set up your new Citation 300 or Citation 500. 

Have two speakers at home? Harman Kardon’s Team shows how you can pair two identical speakers to play in stereo. 

Harman Kardon’s Team walks through how you can add and remove presets. 

At HARMAN, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality experiences and products to our valued customers and partners. As part of this commitment, our team will continue to roll out new videos with new products or features as a supplement to user manuals to help our customers get the most out of their favorite technologies. Keep an eye on our brand YouTube channels for more: