Each year, the HARMAN team returns to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to introduce best-in-class products and solutions that will transform key industries like automotive, audio and technology. Earlier this year at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, HARMAN showcased our latest innovations that continue to deliver our signature experiences. From solutions that leverage 5G technologies to bring forth personalized features to the connected vehicles powered by ADAS and V2X solutions, our team unveiled multiple automotive innovations that will transform in-vehicle experiences for drivers and passengers. Here is what we unveiled this year at CES 2020 to help the automotive industry press the pedal on experiences:

HARMAN Automotive: Making Time in the Car, Time Well Spent

Through content-rich partnerships with companies like Tencent, Spotify, Salesforce and more, HARMAN’s Ignite Marketplace solution provides consumers with everything they need to stay connected to the things that are meaningful to them. HARMAN’s Michael Radomski, Global Director, Strategy & Advanced Marketing, Connected Car introduces our latest technology and explains how consumers will benefit from our cloud-based automotive ecosystem.

HARMAN Automotive: Connecting the Unconnected

Just because a vehicle is older doesn’t mean it can’t be connected. HARMAN’s Smart Auto After Market Portfolio offers a suite of products that help drivers harness the power of connected technologies via the HARMAN Ignite Cloud. Siva Subramanian, Vice President & General Manager of Connected Automotive Products After Market Services at HARMAN discusses how HARMAN Smart Auto is connecting the unconnected.

HARMAN Automotive: Addressing Range Anxiety While Providing Premium Audio Experiences

Even though you know your EV vehicle will have enough charge to safely take you to your destination, it can still be hard to divert some of that power to the sound system to really crank up the volume – even if the mood strikes you. But now, with smart solutions focused around minimizing mass and maximizing power efficiency, HARMAN’s Chris Ludwig, Vice President of the EPIC Experience Team explains how HARMAN’s new EV Plus+ solutions can overcome EV barriers while elevating in-vehicle experiences at the same time.

HARMAN Automotive: Increasing Safety through Automotive Connectivity

Distracted driving is a serious problem. But some of the same technologies that proliferated the issue – can solve it. HARMAN has always been focused on delivering a safe and connected experience to drivers and passengers, and that’s why our team developed the HARMAN ExP Integrated Solution Suite. Featuring solutions like ADAS, Telematics, Cloud, V2X and more, HARMAN’s Arvin Baalu, Vice President of Product Management, Digital Business Unit, discusses how our latest solution will help drivers, passengers and pedestrians stay safe.

HARMAN Automotive: Personalized Cloud Content, Configured in the Vehicle

Until recently, consumers had limited say in terms of how much personalized content they would get in their vehicles. While OTA updates are a viable solution, usually, what drivers got originally from the dealership is what will stay for the duration of the car’s life. Today, all this is changing. Tim Van Goethem, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions at HARMAN explains how HARMAN leverages cloud and 5G technologies to provide personalized in-car features.

So, whether you’re in charge of your family’s fleet, or want to stay connected everywhere you go without distractions, HARMAN continues to drive the future of automotive experiences with next-level technologies, making sure your time in the car is valuable and enjoyable. If you missed out on all the exciting developments we shared from CES 2020, check out our corporate blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter channels.