Earlier this month, HARMAN hosted our annual open house event at our automotive headquarters in Novi, MI. Featuring illustrative displays and informative demonstrations of our newest automotive technology, our HARMAN experts guided members of the media, OEMs, and invited guests through an epic showcase of connected technologies for a closer look at how HARMAN is amplifying the connected lifestyle.

Featuring the products and solutions we originally introduced at CES 2019, the demonstrations at our Automotive Experience Center focused on HARMAN’s advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), cloud-enhanced mobility and secure connectivity solutions, and the personalized experiences powered by our digital cockpit and infotainment solutions. In this blog, we take a closer look at the technologies and solutions we showed off, and the demonstrations that allowed us to do so.

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The Excited Explorer: Big Experiences in Small Packages
In a world where customization is key, HARMAN is developing solutions that make every driver think their journey was designed uniquely for them. In our Excited Explorer demo, our engineers outfitted a compact electric vehicle with HARMAN’s advanced technologies to showcase an economical solution that still provides powerful user customization and personalized experiences. Inside the car, attendees experienced how our Digital Cockpit solutions, including our Premium Communications offering and Personi-Fi audio solution, can be expertly tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of any driver or passenger.

The Performance Seeker: The Ultimate Personalized Experience

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Our Performance Seeker display featured the best of the best in intelligent personalization solutions for drivers and passengers. To effectively demonstrate how HARMAN is providing automakers a wide variety of bundled solutions for immersive in-vehicle experiences, this demo combined the advanced connectivity, enhanced safety, premium audio, and cloud services that only HARMAN can provide. Featuring a premium compute platform, combination of OLED and QLED displays, individual entertainment zones and more, attendees saw first-hand how we raised the standard for the in-car experience.

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Intelligent Sensors: Empowering Safe Driving Experiences
HARMAN’s newly enhanced suite of sensing technologies allow automakers to equip their vehicles with state-of-the-art ADAS technologies that provide drivers with a 360-degree view of their surroundings. With external and internal sensors, as well as leveraging cloud data on traffic, weather, and even driver energy level, HARMAN is helping OEMs manufacture safer environments for the cars of today and tomorrow. Through our Augmented Reality displays, attendees were able to observe how multiple camera positions, driver monitoring systems and sensor technologies work hand-in-hand to empower safer driving experiences.

Automotive Operations Center: The Mission Control

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Our Automotive Operations Center (AOC) is the central nervous system of the immersive automotive environment. During the AOC experience, HARMAN demonstrated the technologies behind HARMAN SHIELD and our OTA updating services and to help our guests understand how we provide automakers and their suppliers with the insight to better detect and resolve cyber vulnerabilities.

HARMAN remains committed to driving the future of in-car experiences forward by focusing on a combination of intelligent personalization, premium entertainment, security solutions and artificial intelligence capabilities that cumulatively, form the basis that OEMs need to usher in the next generation of mobility. For more details about HARMAN’s advanced end-to-end automotive solutions that was showcased at our annual open house event in Novi, visit here: https://car.harman.com/events/novi2019