Imagine a future where your car manufacturer can send you the latest new automotive features even after you bought the car. What if your car is able to update itself after proactively detecting a security threat? Think of a world where you no longer have to bring your car back to the dealer if there is a manufacturer recall or if your car is experiencing a software glitch.

Well, there is no need to imagine this future, as this is what HARMAN recently brought to the market. Currently, 17 OEMs around the world have chosen to use HARMAN’s market leading remote vehicle updating OTA solution, enabling 25 million vehicles on the road.

You may know how OEMs like Tesla are using OTA to keep their connected cars updated with the most recent software, security features and systems upgrades. However, OTA solutions deliver immense value beyond just system updates, and they have become more than just a competitive advantage for many OEMS. 

While OTA solutions reduce the need for recalls by remotely addressing system malfunctions and security threats, OEMs can also use OTA solutions to decrease time-to-market by updating software while the vehicle is still on the production line. OTA solutions also enable OEMs to establish a direct relationship with both drivers and passengers by offering new features and functions post-sale, thus offering the opportunity of enhancing customer satisfaction. Just this month, as Hurricane Irma landed in Florida, Tesla used over-the-air technology to push software updates to cars in the path of the storm. The updates extended the vehicle’s battery life, ensuring a quicker evacuation for those in the affected area.

As the only commercially deployed OTA option in the market, HARMAN’s remote vehicle updating offering is also the only solution that enables efficient full-vehicle management from the head units down to the smallest ECUs. HARMAN’s OTA solution was specifically designed to eliminate system failures by mitigating any potential risks such as network problems, cyber security attacks and file tampering. 

HARMAN’s latest OTA version 11 includes updates from earlier versions of the solutions and features a new UI to provide a more seamless user experience for OEMs. For more information about HARMAN’s leading OTA solutions and to learn more about the new updates click here.

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