At HARMAN, we owe every milestone to our talented, motivated and entrepreneurial employees, who are behind our continued success as a global connected technologies leader. With some of the brightest minds in the world of technology and business under our roof, we at HARMAN prioritize making sure we can find ways to help our employees improve their skillsets, broaden their knowledge and learn about new strategies, technologies and processes that will help them in the future throughout their careers. We firmly believe offering opportunities for education, mentorship and growth, regardless of role, geography or seniority, are crucial to success.

Continuing our thinking to elevate our individual and collective performance, we created HARMAN University (HARMAN U), our in-house, unique educational structure for learning and development (L&D), in 2016. In the years that followed, we have advanced HARMAN U from its infancy to evolve as a best-in-class corporate excellence educational program. Designed with a centralized approach in mind, HARMAN U offers the same educational programs at our facilities across the globe to ensure employees receive equal opportunities to learn.

As we celebrate all things learning this Learning Week, we wanted to call attention to the HARMAN U team, which was recently recognized by Brandon Hall Group for its successful HARMAN Profit Challenge! The HCM Excellence Award-winning program taught HARMAN employees crucial, mission-based lessons in profit management. Upon completing the course, from which there were an impressive 32 perfect scores, members of the HARMAN family became skilled in deciding how to best use external resources, determining how decisions impact profitability of a given project, defining project costs as either CAPEX or OPEX, assessing how change requests impact profitability and explaining how warranty and contracts issues impact our business.

Just how did HARMAN participants feel about the HARMAN Profit Challenge? Read some feedback below:

  • Mohamed Lecheleche, Senior Marketing Manager: This training was amazing! I learned a lot. It was really interesting and highly valuable. Also, the “gamification” aspect was addictive! I rate it 5 stars.
  • Martin Rastetter, Senior Director, Security: This was a good new training concept. Somehow like a game, but with business relevance. This ought to be the new baseline for employee training!
  • Vincent Chen, Senior Program Manager: This was a good challenge to put everybody on the same page on the profit improvement mission.

As we’ve made clear time and time again, our employees are the most valuable aspect of our organization. Being celebrated for prioritizing the betterment of our employees is a great honor to everyone at HARMAN, as our never-ending quest to ensure our people and our workplaces are as beneficial to all as they can be is a cornerstone of our business practices every day. Through developing innovative ways to help employees learn, we’re making sure we remain an experiences leader by going beyond developing solutions for our customers, and making sure we also deliver powerful employee experiences that help with their on-the-job education. Learn more about how a career at HARMAN can help you keep learning at work: