In July, HARMAN is exploring the technologies and experiences that make travel more seamless and fun. Please enjoy our latest blog post exploring the topic of travel.


Did you just come back from your last road trip feeling more fatigued than when you left?  Did traffic headaches, backseat fighting or sheer boredom in the car have you wishing you had just stayed home?  There may be a remedy soon – here are a few of HARMAN’s latest technologies that are just around the corner to make “Are we there yet?” a thing of the past.

Going from A-to-Z with Glee
A 360-Degree Co-Pilot:  Today’s advanced navigation technology combines advanced map updates in real-time with 360-degree vehicle video to provide high-resolution, 3D maps that alert drivers to information about speed limits, traffic lights, dangerous road conditions and even high-risk behavior of surrounding vehicles. Combined with turn-by-turn navigation and alerts for nearby attractions, drivers will never bicker over directions with their co-pilot again.

Flipped Reverse Pedestrian Image

Peace of Mind Wherever You Go: Reverse Pedestrian Detection allows you to be aware of all kids, bikes and pets that surround your car while driving in reverse.  The solution successfully identifies smaller children who are most vulnerable to being hit, helping eliminate the blind spots that kill or injure 15,000 pedestrians a year in the U.S. alone. 

Keeping the Peace

The Ultimate Safety Wingman:  Until recently there was no practical way to detect and measure one of the most important indicators of distracted driving and poor driver performance: cognitive workload. HARMAN’s monitoring system measures changes in pupil size, which indicates brain activity and a potential cognitive overload. Once detected, the car can make adjustments to reduce driver stimulation.


Fewer Arguments is Music to Our Ears: Arguments in the backseat about what to listen to or what to watch are a thing of the past with Individual Sound ZonesOur engineers have leveraged more than 60 years of research and design to create personalized zones in the car so each person can tune in or tune out the sounds around them.  Listen to navigation directions, make a phone call, watch a movie or listen to music – all can coexist in harmony!

An Escape within the Car:  Let the latest embedded premium audio solutions take you on musical journey during your drive.  With great precision, Virtual Venues in the Summit Car Audio solution duplicates acoustic properties from well-known music venues around the globe so you can escape to the Sydney Opera House, New York City’s legendary club, CBGB, or other places while in your car.


The Fun Doesn’t Stop: The first-of-its-kind, the Voyager Drive Solution provides a removable speaker and car bass box that functions as a full-range portable system in and out of your vehicle, making the perfect transition from road trip to party at the beach, park or cabin.

Stay tuned for these and other new in-car experiences coming soon to make your time traveling as comfortable, stress-free and fun as your destination! 

Darrin Shewchuk is the Senior Director of Corporate Communications at HARMAN. A committed globetrotter and tech enthusiast, Darrin is fascinated by the evolving of a highly personalized and seamlessly connected car experience.