Sports fans across the U.S. are getting ready to watch their teams face off in one of the most exciting professional sporting events of the year: The Big Game. Whether they’ll be in the stadium, a sports bar, or staying at home – bold and clear sound is an important aspect of enjoying what is sure to be an action-packed game. For years, our HARMAN Professional Solutions business has brought to life massive sound experiences for some of the biggest sports arenas in the world, elevating every game, playoff, and tournament. Now, fans can enjoy the same immersive sound from the stadium without leaving the comfort of their living room, thanks to a HARMAN Embedded Audio solutions partnership with leading American furniture retailer and the creator of ‘Sactionals’ - Lovesac.


The Lovesac Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge is a first-of-its-kind sectional couch that offers immersive surround sound powered by our leading audio brand Harman Kardon’s speakers that are seamlessly embedded and hidden inside the couch itself, with the added convenience of wireless charging for all your devices. The Sactional features two Sound + Charge sides that contains embedded front- and rear-firing Harman Kardon speakers that work in unison to deliver mesmerizing sound that’s free of wires and completely hidden from view. By combining the power of Harman Kardon with proprietary StealthTech technology, sound can easily pass through the fabric and upholstery of the couch without sacrificing quality or clarity. Customers can easily tailor their Sactionals to match their audio preference thanks to the provided remote and downloadable mobile app that allows them to control audio settings, create and save individual sound profiles, and select different Harman Kardon sounds modes to enjoy optimal audio for movies, music, TV, or news.

Watch the video below to hear more details about our exciting partnership from Johnny Williams, Vice President and General Manager, HARMAN Embedded Audio, and Shawn Nelson, Founder and CEO, Lovesac:

At HARMAN, we’re committed to providing powerful, immersive sound for all types of listening experiences, and we’ve long known that sound is an important aspect of any sporting event – particularly hallmark moments like the Big Game. With Lovesac StealthTech, fans can experience the roar of the crowd and sway to their victory song as if they were in the stadium itself, rather than their home. To learn more about the StealthTech Sound + Charge system, check out the StealthTech learn page here. For more information about the ways HARMAN Embedded Audio elevates the audio and voice performance in solutions from our technology partners, visit: