HARMAN has an esteemed legacy as a global technology leader, with over 75 years of delivering innovative and trendsetting connected solutions for automotive, audio, consumer, and enterprise markets. HARMAN enhances the everyday experience of using technology, whether you’re navigating the road with our in-vehicle products, getting immersed in a video game with our JBL Quantum line audio products, or leveraging our Digital Transformation Solutions products to help your business. Regardless of where you experience our innovations, one of the most important aspects of delivering powerful experiences is maintaining online safety.

With today being Safer Internet Day, an international effort to promote responsible use of online technology, and with the ever-increasing role that the Internet and technology plays in our day-to-day lives, it is especially important to advocate for ways to maintain safety and security. HARMAN is aligned with the goal of Safer Internet Day to create a better Internet – one where people are empowered to use technology in responsible, respectful, and creative ways – something that comes from education about the vast capabilities of technology and eliminating anxiety about threats and cyberattacks.

It is with all of this in mind that HARMAN’s DTS unit created our DefenSight Cybersecurity Platform, which we recently revealed at HARMAN EXPLORE. Since enterprise systems are complex and interconnected, vulnerabilities tend to spread quickly. The new platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help companies navigate the latest digital-first technology and proactively counter cyber threats.

Companies today face a variety of security risks, and there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution since each organization has its own unique pressure points. DefenSight conducts continuous monitoring for compliance of enterprise IT systems against security policies to quickly and accurately identify the most vulnerable systems. DefenSight is able to solve the vulnerability and automatically apply the appropriate software solution to reduce cost, complexity and time needed to remediate enterprise vulnerabilities.

HARMAN also develops cybersecurity solutions to protect vehicles and passengers alike to ensure a safe and connected driver experience. Cars are now more connected to the cloud (V2C), other cars (V2V), pedestrians (V2P) and the infrastructure (V2X) than ever before, and with improved technology comes increased potential for cyber-attacks. To combat this, HARMAN provides cybersecurity solutions to the OEMs that manage risks associated with system vulnerabilities, data breaches and threats. With solutions like HARMAN SHIELD and Android Automotive Security Suite, HARMAN is keeping its promise of protecting you and your vehicle when you’re on the road. ​​

With security and efficiency always being the top priority, HARMAN is committed to developing and delivering products and technologies that have a tangible impact on improving the safety of connected vehicles, enterprise IT infrastructure, and more. Technology safety and security are a critical cornerstone of HARMAN’s success as a global connected technologies leader, and we look forward to advancing on cybersecurity innovations that improve and protect our customer experiences.