The brilliant, creative, and hard-working people who come to work each day at HARMAN are at the heart of everything we do. By continuously bringing their bold ideas, big-picture goals and entrepreneurial commitment to the table, our employees allow us to deliver on our commitments to each other, our customers, our partners, and our communities. The past two years have accelerated the evolution of the modern workplace, and our employees globally have shown they can embrace and thrive in these transformative times. While navigating the transition to remote work presented unique challenges, the dedication and perseverance of our employees around the globe allowed them to realize their best work every day and continue to push the boundaries of delivering powerful experiences for our customers.

In fact, the overall consensus and viewpoint toward remote work has improved since the early stages of the pandemic in June 2020. A January 2021 survey from PwC concluded that 83% of employers found the shift to remote work successful for their company, compared to 73% just six months earlier. From increased flexibility to reduced or eliminated commute times and improved levels of productivity, the benefits of remote work are easy to see – but so too are the benefits of working in the office: it fosters collaboration, can reduce tech fatigue, encourages a deeper sense of community and belonging, and more.

As a global leader in audio technologies, no one better understands the power and importance of listening than we do at HARMAN, and listening to and receiving constructive feedback from our employees has always been a top priority. We embraced the calls for increased workplace flexibility, and reflective of the ongoing cultural revolution of our organization, we are delighted to share our new global workplace policy: HARMAN Flex.

With HARMAN Flex, we will continue to build on our unique culture of trust, independence, and success by removing any formal in-office requirements for eligible team members. These past two years have proven what we already knew about our team members – that we can remain efficient, connected, productive, and innovative whether we are working in the office or from home – and HARMAN Flex is a direct result of this.  

Ensuring a healthy, productive, and safe working environment has always been our top priority, and our offices will remain open for all employees to come in as needed and benefit from in-person collaboration, communication, and connection. Because we know that all schedules are unique, managers have the autonomy to set the best cadence for meeting in the office for their teams, in an effort to strike the right balance between workplace flexibility and in-person collaboration. While we introduce this workplace flexibility option, we will continue to keep our offices open for employees to take advantage of in-person teamwork too, due to the invaluable benefits it affords our employees.

At HARMAN, one of our greatest organizational pillars is “winning through people” as we know too well that an effective people strategy is well-positioned to support our business and growth strategy. As HARMAN Flex goes into effect on July 1st, we’re excited to see what cutting-edge ideas, inspirations, and innovations are realized as a result of the new flexible workplace program. To learn more about working at HARMAN and explore new career opportunities, visit: