Continuing HARMAN’s promise to immerse and engage consumers, and to provide our automotive  partners with unforgettable audio experiences for their vehicle brands, HARMAN recently presented its first-ever Harman Kardon Suites event, a multi-sensory brand experience that showcased the essence of Harman Kardon through taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound.

Created to showcase Harman Kardon as a brand dedicated to captivating the senses of the listener, this event took place in Berlin on September 20th with 300 exclusive guests. The evening presented an opportunity for our attendees to engage with the beautiful sound of Harman Kardon and the brand itself in entirely new ways, and spotlighted the power and value of creating unforgettable experiences.

Harman Kardon Suites debuted at Das Stue, a boutique hotel housed in a distinctive classical-style building that was once the Danish Embassy. With its elegant, timeless atmosphere, it mirrored the sophisticated design Harman Kardon is known for and was the perfect venue to bring the Symphony for the Senses concept to life. The Harman Kardon team drew inspiration from the tables of the essential Chinese elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) bringing forth a multi-sensorial design that encouraged guests to explore a unique, personal, and emotional journey throughout the evening.

The Art of Listening

The journey began upon arrival with a fleet of 25 luxury BMW vehicles equipped with Harman Kardon premium audio systems transporting our guests from Berlin’s Tegel Airport to Das Stue. En route to the venue, guests were treated to a guided audio experience that incorporated taste and scent as a way to enhance their listening experience. The music tracks played in the cars mirrored the event playlist used at the hotel. From the very beginning, our guests got a taste of what the spectacular evening would offer.

Captivating the Senses


Upon arrival at the hotel, the program kicked off with a welcome cocktail that led into the Harman Kardon Suites experience, encompassing a sense of home, comfort, and visual, all brought to life through five individual hotel suites.

Each suite highlighted a transfixing moment that was amplified through Harman Kardon audio and delivered via each of the five human senses.  Sight. Sound. Smell. Taste and Touch.  From a stirring acapella song against the backdrop of a Bedouin tent, to a pianoforte solo in a darkened space, and a graceful ballet performance in a room filled with fresh-cut pink roses, each space was entirely unique. Using different anchor colors in the individual rooms – Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, and Pink – offered a unique and compelling tableau delving into the interconnectedness of the senses. Around every corner, senses were stirred, heightened, and enlivened. Harman Kardon Citation speakers were the hero in each suite.

The ‘Ultimate Sound Machine’


Placed in front of the hotel entrance, the ‘Ultimate Sound Machine by Harman Kardon’ offered an innovative and unprecedented way for guests to experience sound in a car in a completely new, interactive and personalized way. Harman Kardon worked with automotive partner BMW to modify the interior of the latest BMW i3s model. Equipped with the newest digital, sensor and audio technology, and with the help of the Berlin-based creative studio for sound and acoustic scenography Kling Klang Klong the interior of the car was transformed into an interactive musical instrument. Instead of simply listening to music while on the go, Harman Kardon’s Ultimate Sound Machine offers a unique and interactive experience where all passengers become creators of their own soundtrack.


By simply touching both the new built-in and the car`s own interfaces, such as the gas pedal or steering wheel, passengers are enabled to actively shape their personal in-car moment with music and entertainment. Envision a future with self-driving cars and the car cabin turning into personal space for entertainment by truly enhancing the travel time – freed from the driving task – with the power of music and immersive sound.

Exquisite Culinary & Entertainment Delights

The evening culminated in a three-course dinner created by Michelin Star chef Paco Pérez, who focuses on spotlighting fresh and flavorful Mediterranean ingredients. After dinner, guests gathered in the outside courtyard for an unforgettable celebration of the power of sublime sound: a soulful intimate private performance by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Andra Day. Afterwards, the party continued well into the night with an energizing DJ set from Gilles Peterson.

HARMAN is always excited to create opportunities that allow our customers and partners to engage with our audio brands in a meaningful way; and bring consumers audio experiences that stay with them wherever they go. The Harman Kardon Suites: Symphony for the Senses program truly exemplifies this approach, and brought the sophistication, beauty, and incredible performance of the Harman Kardon brand firmly to life.