Every February, National Inventors' Day is a hallmark day we at HARMAN embrace and use as the perfect opportunity to celebrate the inventors of the past, present, and the future. HARMAN’s legacy is deeply rooted in innovation, across audio, automotive and enterprise industries, and we are always proud to honor our own inventors, designers, engineers and creators, committed to delivering top-of-the-line experience-led solutions that make everyone’s lives more productive, personalized, seamless and entertaining.

The success of our inventors spans decades, as they have brought to market cutting-edge innovations that ensure best-in-class experiences:

  • The first dynamic cardioid microphone and the first FM tuner in 1953
  • The world’s first stereo receiver in 1958
  • The first THX licensed theater audio system in 1983
  • The first OEM branded car audio system in 1984
  • The first iPod audio docks and enabling the first Bluetooth wireless connectivity in a car in 2004

Our audio products and solutions are also known for powering some of music history’s biggest events and accomplishments, including 1969’s Woodstock Music Festival. Since 1937, HARMAN’s engineers have received two Academy Awards, three GRAMMY® awards, and hundreds of industry distinctions for product design and quality, automotive innovation, advancements in IoT and connected solutions, and more.

This past year was no different, as our brilliant teams worldwide created fresh strategies, products, and technologies that allow us to better serve our customers, consumers and communities.

First-Ever Audio Inventions That Prioritize Luxurious Listening 

ML_5909_Product Image_Left_Red

For nearly 50 years, Mark Levinson has achieved the highest standards in audio reproduction, encouraging the discovery of and appreciation for music the way the artist performed it. The same details and nuances that propel Mark Levinson’s reference sound inspired the recent design and launch of the ML No 5909 headphone, the first-ever portable offering by the world-renowned brand known for its standard-setting premium home and car audio sound systems. The headphone is packed with features that will capture every listener, including Bluetooth 5.1 technology with LDAC, AAC, and aptXTM, a four-microphone array with Smart Wind Adaption for crystal clear phone calls, Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation with three modes for premium sound isolation, and Ambient Aware for situational awareness in one’s surroundings.


Automotive Inventions That Propel Connectivity 

With the introduction of the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal in 2021, HARMAN opened up the world of invention and opportunity for app developers looking to change the automotive experience for the better. Through this distinct Developers Portal, those developing technologies for the Android Automotive open operating system can deploy automotive apps of every variety, from music and streaming to games and navigation - which OEMs can then easily scale and manage to drive new digital touchpoints with their customers through the HARMAN Ignite Store. As the cloud continues to drive both disruption and opportunity across mobility, the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal applies our decades of expertise across automotive and technology segments to accelerate the creation, deployment and consumer adoption of in-vehicle apps.

Another remarkable HARMAN invention in 2021, the 5G Test Lab is helping inventors of all kinds, from the audio and automotive sectors to healthcare and telecommunications and more, prepare for the coming global takeover in 5G. HARMAN’s Testing Lab will simulate a 5G radio and core network to measure multiple levels of end-to-end application performance. The Lab will first assess radio output, testing frequency, signal quality and modulations - followed by measuring data throughout application layers to assess the output of specific use cases like VR, video and more. In addition, the Lab can also simulate different network conditions, such as weather or unexpected network interference, and introduce partner applications to deliver a completely holistic assessment of how new 5G devices will operate in the field - and in the hands of consumers.

Greener Inventions for a More Sustainable Future 


Built with sustainability in mind and made from 90% recycled plastic, the latest InfinityLabs product line announced in late 2021 showcases HARMAN’s continued commitment to sustainability in their inventions! The eco-friendly line includes wall chargers, power banks, wireless stands and a speakerphone for crystal-clear calling. USB-A, USB-C and Lightning cables woven from recycled polyester yarn will also be available. These essential charging devices are built to keep consumers connected on the road, at home, in class and at the office. Engineered by HARMAN for a more sustainable world, each product is packaged in plastic-free materials printed on FSC-certified paper with soy ink.

DTS Enables a Healthier Lifestyle

Inventions within the newest brand positioning of the HARMAN Digital Transformations Services business unit, Life-ware, is intended the lives of those who use them, for the better. These inventions will go beyond those of basic software and hardware, resulting in superior solutions that will directly improve human lives across physical, digital and industry domains. DTS' recent partnership with REACH, a global social impact organization to expand remote care platform for maternal health and wellness, is one such Life-ware example. With HARMAN's cutting-edge technology, deep understanding of healthcare domain and precise market insights, REACH enabled its Happy Mama platform to better connect patients and provider communities to foster improved communication and collaboration between healthcare workers and pregnant women. 

HARMAN remains fully devoted to be at the forefront of innovation, as we have for the past 70+ years. With National Inventor’s Day here, we are reminded to recognize every day the incredible work and spirit of our employees, and of inventors everywhere, who are helping us succeed in creating powerful experiences that empower the consumers’ ever-evolving digital lifestyle.