Video games have always been a popular pastime, but as people are spending more time indoors, gaming is proving to be more popular than ever before. No matter your skill level, gamers can escape into the immersive world of gaming, as well as easily connect and play with friends without leaving the comfort of your home. Esports have played a large role in the rising popularity of gaming, thanks in part to live streaming and gaming platforms, like Twitch. Streaming platforms give fans access to professional gamers and teams, and provide a new avenue of content for gaming enthusiasts. In fact, total esports viewership is expected to reach 495 million this year, with global revenues expected to surpass $1 billion in 2020 and continue to grow from there.

A Brand New Market for HARMAN & JBL


For years, audiophiles have turned to HARMAN for headphones and speakers that provide impeccable listening experiences. Now, HARMAN is enabling the same caliber of amazing sound for gaming enthusiasts at every level. The global gaming market is expanding at an incredible rate, and as players continue to embrace cutting-edge technologies, the space for new innovations also continues to grow. At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), HARMAN debuted the first-ever JBL headset range designed specifically for gamers – the JBL Quantum Range. Featuring JBL QuantumSOUND Signature™ technology, the JBL Quantum Range delivers unmatched audio quality with pinpoint accuracy to provide a true competitive advantage and an unparalleled gaming experience. Available in seven different models, there is an option for every type and level of gamer. This announcement marked HARMAN’s foray into a new, massive category where the opportunities to provide enhanced experiences for a previously untapped set of consumers are seemingly limitless.

Creating Sounds for Virtual Realities

Appealing to the most dedicated gamers out there, our products like the JBL Quantum ONE provide next-level sound thanks to JBL QuantumSPHERE 360™ sound technology, which features integrated head tracking sensors that enable the wearer to detect sounds and movements around them like never before. Instead of only hearing sound from the left or right, the surround sound technology paired with the integrated head tracking, allows for a larger spatial soundstage so gamers can experience their virtual worlds in added dimensions.

When it comes to developing best-in-class audio products and solutions, HARMAN’s audio engineers collaborate closely with our product design teams to ensure the best possible end-product. The stakes were high for the JBL Quantum Range, and our immersive experience-focused audio teams spent several years perfecting the technology, working in tandem with our research division and product teams to guarantee that the headset range would deliver accurate audio. From the beginning, our goal was to reach an audio accuracy level of 90% - the same rate for traditional speakers. After three years of research, measurements, simulations, and prototyping, the JBL Quantum ONE reached the 90% accuracy level.

Partners To Expand Our Borders of Innovation

The strength of the JBL Quantum Range is clear, with no need to look further than our new partnership with 100 Thieves, the lifestyle brand and leading esports organization whose members are among some of the top competitive gamers in the industry. When it comes to gaming, sound is survival, and with the JBL Quantum headsets, the professional gamers of 100 Thieves have a key advantage. As the Official Global Gaming Headset Partner of 100 Thieves, the JBL Quantum Range headsets will be used by competitive teams during practice and competitions, as well as featured in team rooms, streaming rooms, 100 Thieves founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s studio at the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound and in Esports Content like The Heist.


HARMAN’s vision and strategy to lead the gaming experiences sector is clear in comments from our CMO Ralph Santana around the announcement of our partnership with 100 Thieves, stating, “Our partnership with 100 Thieves highlights our drive and commitment to launching the world’s best lineup of gaming headsets and speakers to date. These are some of the top competitive gamers in the industry, so we are proud to offer the JBL Quantum Range to help them reach countless more victories. From detecting crossfires to the slightest enemy movements, we developed the JBL Quantum Range to have the most accurate soundscape ever, leaving players to truly feel like they’re inside the game.”

HARMAN has always been dedicated to reinventing the way people experience and hear the world around them – at home, in the car, and on the go. Now, with products like the JBL Quantum Range and partners like 100 Thieves, HARMAN is raising the standard for sound in the gaming and eSports world. To experience the most accurate and immersive sound in gaming and give yourself the ultimate competitive advantage, visit: