As the sales of connected cars continue to grow to an estimated 120 million vehicles this year, the automotive cybersecurity space has been transitioning into a more mature stage. And protecting this increasingly complex connected car ecosystem can be a difficult task, especially as the proliferation of data across different connected devices makes connected vehicles more vulnerable than ever before.


To combat cybersecurity attacks and provide a safer ecosystem within a connected vehicle, HARMAN has introduced new capabilities for OEMs and fleet managers with its SHIELD Solution – a suite of products that keep connected and autonomous cars protected against cyber-attacks.

The new SHIELD Solution includes:

  • In-vehicle detection capabilities utilizing multiple embedded agents to keep connected and autonomous cars protected against advanced cyber-attacks. 
  • Visibility of broad vehicular security related events using the new Cyber Security Analysis Center, integrated on-top of HARMAN Ignite Platform, which also provides means to investigate and respond
  • API for 3rd party integrations into Security Operation Center (SoC), Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions – such as IBM QRadar and others.

One of the new capabilities of the HARMAN SHIELD Solution is the Cyber Security Analysis Center. Integrated on top of the HARMAN Ignite cloud platform, SHIELD offers OEMs and fleet managers unparalleled access to all security events from connected cars.

Cyber Security 360

IHS Markit forecasts that 25% of vehicles sold globally, six years from now will be equipped with cybersecurity cloud services, such as those offered by HARMAN. “Cybersecurity is becoming a key technology for the automotive industry as connected cars grow,” said Egil Juliussen, Ph.D. and research director for IHS Markit. “It is especially important for self-driving and driverless cars where it will be required.”

HARMAN SHIELD Solution and the new Cyber Security Analysis Center was demonstrated at the HARMAN Showcase at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, between January 8th and 11th. During the exhibition, HARMAN demonstrated the new Cyber Security Analysis Center in action, as it aggregates security events from nearby vehicles demonstrating different use cases.

Event Category Analysis - Unauthorized IP

This was the first demonstration of a cybersecurity solution integrated on top of HARMAN Ignite, the first fully integrated cloud-based platform for the automotive industry, which creates opportunities for OEMs and fleet managers to deliver limitless types of in-vehicle services and experiences. HARMAN Ignite is already deployed by more than 29 global automotive OEMs to deliver services to more than 30 million vehicles.