Video game enthusiasts are always looking for crystal-clear sound and seamless communication to enhance their gameplay – a fact no one knows better than HARMAN and JBL. Our JBL Quantum line offers top-tier audio products for gamers at any level, featuring unparalleled sound and innovative design that can unlock an immersive gaming experience. Fueled by years of research, the JBL Quantum gaming range includes headsets, true wireless earbuds, microphones and speakers designed to put gamers at the center of the action with hyper-accurate, immersive sound that reveals every detail of the gaming environment.

Whether gaming from home or road trips, or on an XBOX or PlayStation, this National Video Games Day, we are sharing how our JBL Quantum line of premier over-ear and true wireless headsets were perfectly designed to elevate the game time experience.

JBL Quantum TWS Air


At HARMAN EXPLORE 2023, we revealed this new installment of our true wireless gaming headset. With the JBL Quantum TWS Air, players can step into the game with features like JBL QuantumSURROUNDTM for pinpoint-accurate surround sound and four beamforming microphones for crystal-clear communications anywhere. PCMag highlighted that these true wireless earphones are reasonably priced, sound good, and come with a USB-C transmitter that makes it easy to connect them to a PC, Sony PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch console. The JBL Quantum TWS Air enable a wire-free gaming experience so gamers won’t miss a beat while gaming on the go.

JBL Quantum 910X & JBL Quantum 910P


JBL is the only gaming headset manufacturer to offer players wireless spatial audio virtualization with head tracking specific to the console. The JBL Quantum 910X and the JBL Quantum 910P headsets were specifically designed for XBOX and PlayStation consoles, respectively. The JBL Quantum 910X and JBL Quantum 910P stood out to The Verge for providing consumers with JBL QuantumSPATIAL head-tracking spatial audio technology for spot on accuracy. With active noise cancelling feature as well, gamers can tune out unwanted background sounds and fully immerse themselves in the game.

JBL Quantum 360X & JBL Quantum 360P

Gamers can get ready to play and charge at the same time, without missing a second of the game’s action. With the JBL Quantum 360X and the JBL Quantum 360P, also designed specific to console, feature DualSOURCE technology, which allows two device connection and up to 22 hours of battery life, so players can stay connected with their teammates without delay.  

JBL Quantum 100X & JBL Quantum 100P

New to the gaming world? SoundGuys tested the JBL Quantum 100P and approved of this functional, reliable wired budget gaming headset with nice controls, thoughtful design and a surprisingly good microphone. With lightweight and durable construction, the JBL Quantum 100X and JBL Quantum 100P are the perfect headsets for starter gamers looking to get in on the action.

Looking to celebrate National Video Games Day with a major competitive advantage during game time? Look no further than HARMAN’s JBL Quantum line products that are intentionally designed to bring gaming to life and help players never miss another step, shot, or jump. Explore the specs of our full range of JBL Quantum gaming headsets at