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Whether you’re into pop, jazz, hip hop or rock, music is meant to be enjoyed no matter where you are. But everyday distractions can make it difficult to immerse yourself in that carefully compiled playlist. The first headphones to be inspired by touring musicians, the all-new JBL CLUB series is designed to keep you in the moment and keep your mind on the music. Unveiled at CES 2020, the JBL CLUB ONE, CLUB 950NC, and CLUB 700BT headphones marry stage-ready performance with advanced features – including Personi-Fi™ and digital voice assistants – designed to elevate every day listening experiences.

Available in both over-ear and on-ear options, the CLUB series truly amplifies personal audio, especially for listeners who are constantly on-the-go. Read on for our top four reasons why the JBL CLUB series are the perfect companions for every audiophile:

  1. Epic Sound
    Without a doubt, superior sound quality is the ultimate prerequisite for any premium headphone. Thanks to JBL’s time-tested expertise in delivering quality premium audio, the CLUB series provides the basic features that every listener expects from their headphones and integrates incredible technologies to take the sound experience to the next level.

    The JBL CLUB ONE is designed with High Res certified graphene drivers and True Adaptive Noise Cancellation + SilentNow™ listening capabilities. The True Adaptive Noise Cancellation technology monitors environmental sound and extraneous noises 50,000 times per second and automatically adapts to the perfect level of noise cancellation in response to the wearer’s acoustic environment. In addition to noise canceling technology, the material of the 40mm custom graphene driver provides more accurate tuning and higher-quality sounds. That’s not all – the technology also accounts for sound leakage caused by factors such as eyeglasses, hair or head movement.
  1. Intelligent Assistance
    With the JBL CLUB series, it’s all about personal convenience. In addition to offering incredible sound, the CLUB series is equipped with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice AI technologies – an indicator of our commitment to making the user experience a top priority. The addition of HARMAN’s new-to-market Personi-Fi™ technologies adds another layer of convenience. Once activated through the “My JBL Headphones” app, listeners can customize the audio settings to match their personal listening preferences. So, whether they prefer their bass to be extra bumping or more on the mellow side, the audio will be automatically calibrated to the listener, resulting in a personal sound curve that is permanently stored in the listener’s profile and headphones.
  2. 305446-JBL_CLUB
    Travel Friendly Features There’s no better travel accessory than a great pair of headphones, whether you’re taking a long flight for vacation or just running errands around town. When you’re on the move, there’s no need to worry about the comfort or integrity of the JBL CLUB series. All three headphones in the lineup are packaged with a 1.2m audio cable and microphone, and they are outfitted with full metal hinges for added durability. The JBL CLUB 700BT offers a premium protective pouch to protect the headphones against any accidental bumps or scratches, while the JBL CLUB 950NC and the JBL CLUB ONE come inside a sturdy hard case to ensure they stay unscathed in transit. The JBL CLUB ONE also features a full leather headband to guarantee maximum comfort during extended listing sessions.
  3. The Serene Sounds of Silence
    We’ve all been there before – maybe it’s been a long day of work or travel and you’ve already exhausted your playlists, your podcasts, even your go-to musical jams. All you really want is a moment of peace and quiet. Well, the good news is that the JBL Club series has you covered on this front as well. With the simple touch of a button, listeners can activate the SilentNow feature enabling TRUE Adaptive Active Noise Canceling mode without activating Bluetooth for complete audio isolation from outside noise and music. Thanks to the JBL CLUB series, listeners can truly escape – from the noise or the music.

With 50 hours of playback time, replaceable ear cushions, a dual-aux audio input and a flight adapter, catching a flight, riding the train, traveling to the next show and even just walking down the sidewalk all just got a lot more enjoyable. HARMAN remains committed to developing audio solutions that elevate experiences and meet the needs of every listener. To find the best fit for your lifestyle and explore more options from HARMAN, visit: https://www.jbl.com/